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Why Some Women Look Younger Than Others

You know that frustratingly gorgeous friend of yours? The one who puts on some Chapstick and walks out the door, no problem, and still gets carded at way past 21? Scientists have finally figured out what her deal is. And no, it’s not (just) plastic surgery.   Not Too Little, Not Too Much Goldilocks’ principle of Continue Reading

How to Achieve Soft Glowing Skin in One Week!

When it comes to makeup, statistics have shown that 8 out of 10 men interviewed say they prefer someone with less makeup, not more. As the saying go, there’s no cosmetic like flawless skin. Truly flawless skin cannot be faked, concealed or painted on. It requires some amount of work. Thankfully, we have Dr Continue Reading

Victoria’s Secret Models’ Essential Beauty Tips

When a good chunk of time during your day job is spent in a makeup chair with some of the most skilled artists and beauty experts in the business, you’re bound to pick up some ingenious tips and tricks. So when these celestial beauties speak, we listen. Here are holy grail products and pointers Continue Reading

Complexion Perfection: Best Beauty Happenings This Year

Trends come and go. But if there’s one thing we’re all in pursuit of when it comes to beauty, it’s a flawless complexion. Backstage at the fashion week shows there is an ever-increasing focus on skincare – giving it as much attention as the make-up itself at some shows – and one glance at Instagram will Continue Reading