Facial Cues: Marriage or Mistress Material?

Not so lucky in love? Scientists find facial clues that determine if you’re destined for marriage or short flings. Research revealed that men prefer more feminine faces when they are searching for short-term romance, as compared to candidates for their ever-after. In this new study from the United Kingdom, almost 400 heterosexual men Continue Reading

Why Gorgeous Girls Like Funny Guys

What do Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy and Russell Brand have in common? Besides their wicked sense of humour, these physically average comedians have all landed some very attractive mates. Scouring through list after list of traits chicks dig, “sense of humour” is consistently cited as one of the top babe-magnetising factors, often beating Continue Reading

What Women should know about the Male Brain

They say this about us all the time. But really, women often have a tough time deciphering what’s zipping through our man’s brain too. In fact, more and more research have revealed differences in how the male and female brains are wired – explaining why men behave like they’re are from Mars and Continue Reading