Do you want to Age like a Celebrity?

  Celebrities, we love them, we hate them, we all want to be like them. The truth is in this day of digital technology, everyone’s life is an open book. For better or worse, every wrinkle is scrutinized, every diet dissected. So do celebrities who live in a stratosphere of their own age Continue Reading

What Should a 45-Year Old Look Like?

That is the question puzzling scientists from all across the globe. Researchers have found that humans age at vastly different rates, with some showing signs of premature ageing at a relatively young age, while others still looking youthful well into their fifties! What are the factors that result in such vastly differing ageing Continue Reading

The trick to looking young with midface volumisation

The old adage goes, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. The human brain’s ability to process attractiveness is almost instinctive and takes only less than a second to complete. History implies that there is a magical ratio that makes objects proportionately pleasing to the eye. This number is known as the Continue Reading

Celebrity-Inspired Beauty Resolutions For 2017

While most New Year’s Resolutions – stop shopping, quit caffeine – are a failure trap, it’s not hard to take better care of ourselves in simple ways. This season of self-improvement, we tapped celebrities for surprisingly simple beauty inspiration that’s also scientifically sound and surpassingly efficient to see us through a fantabulous 2017. Here’s to exfoliating Continue Reading

Victoria’s Secret Models’ Essential Beauty Tips

When a good chunk of time during your day job is spent in a makeup chair with some of the most skilled artists and beauty experts in the business, you’re bound to pick up some ingenious tips and tricks. So when these celestial beauties speak, we listen. Here are holy grail products and Continue Reading

How to be a Superyoung: Why Some People Never Age

“Youth’s a stuff will not endure,” said Shakespeare – wrongly. The Bard had reckoned without the Superyoung: Those irritating folks who seem to age at a more leisurely pace than the rest of us. Photographed in 1998 and more recently, Jennifer Lopez (47) looks virtually untouched by time. So do Halle Berry (50), Continue Reading

Angelababy Had Facial X-Rays to Fight Plastic Surgery Rumours

Celebrities are constantly caught in rumour echo chambers – What did she name her baby? Are they on the verge of divorce? Is that overzealous Botox we’re seeing on the red carpet? – that’s all business as usual. A close rival to the social media firestorm set off by Kim Kardashian’s extraordinarily huge naked butt Continue Reading