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Perfect Pairs: Your Guide to Beauty Dynamic Duos

Breakfast this morning. My sinful peanut butter and jelly generously spread on a warm bed of thick white toast. I looked across the table, my husband was about to dig into his freshly prepared maple syrup waffles. Before that, he scooped up a teaspoon of creamy vanilla bean ice-cream. Do I like peanut Continue Reading

A Lifetime of Beauty & Health for Women

As our little red dot progresses from Third World to First, Singaporeans currently enjoy the fourth-longest life expectancy rate in the world, according to the latest WHO figures. Ladies here are expected to live to 85, while men still lag behind with an average life expectancy of 80. But one big question looms Continue Reading

Big Butts: Yay or Nay? What Scientists Say

When Paper Magazine released their latest cover featuring Kim Kardashian’s exaggerated butt emblazoned with the words “Break the Internet”, they certainly did.  The biological equivalent of a click bait, those glazed Kripsy Kremes of a massive naked rump had us bummed (sorry, couldn’t help it!). Although this is plain provocation for provocation’s sake Continue Reading

SKIN Mag Tips – Get Ready to Take Your Shirt Off

When his wife didn’t want to sign up for a cheesy pregnancy photo shoot, Austin dad-to-be, Justin Sylvester, decided to bare his belly in her place. And behold, the most hilarious and viral ‘man’-ternity photo you’ve ever laid eyes on: While we absolutely loved his sense of humour, many men would rather not carry a Continue Reading

What Men & Women Think the “Perfect Body” Is

Psst…Girlfriend! You can stop sweating buckets over your childbearing hips: The perfect female to men, according to a new survey by Bluebella, is a voluptuous bombshell composite of Kim Kardashian’s ample bosom, Kelly Brooke’s bodacious bottom and Megan Fox’s sexy pout and soft cheeks. This is in stark contrast to the ultra-skinny, chiselled Continue Reading

New Smart Bra to Support Weight Loss

The guys at Microsoft are taking tips from Victoria’s Secret to get to a woman’s heart…and stomach. Putting artificial intelligence into intimates, Microsoft’s prototype smart bra is boosted with physiological sensors that monitor mood levels to help women curb emotional eating. This piece of wearable technology comes with a electrocardiogram (EKG) monitor to detect changes Continue Reading