The Real Reason For Your Facial Redness

Do you have redness on your face, neck or chest? Persistant redness that waxes and wanes? You might have a skin condition known as rosacea. The redness is caused by sensitivity to certain factors, and overactive small blood vessels. A blush for a normal person might look cute, for someone with rosacea, the redness can last for hours or days. The annoying thing is, the redness can be triggered by virtually anything. For example, the sun, and stress. Persistent flare-ups can result in changes in the physiology of the skin, which can be seen as a permanent flush on the nose and cheeks. Without treatment, broken capillaries appear and acne begins.   TREATMENT FOR ROSACEA If you suspect you have rosacea, especially when you can see broken capillaries through the redness, it might be time have a laser done. Pulsed dye lasers such as the VBeam Perfecta are gold standard treatments for redness – using a special dye to generate different colours of laser beams, which are delivered in gentle Continue Reading

Face Off: Ulthera Or Threadlift, Which One Is Better For You?

Lunchtime rejuvenation procedures are now as easy as going for your facials, as people increasingly search for quick, minimally invasive aesthetic treatments to freshen up their appearances. Apart from wrinkles, sagging skin is probably one of those things that freak people out the most. Young skin gets its firmness thanks to abundant collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, production of collagen and elastin starts to drop as we approach our thirties, and skin begins its slow but definite droop in the following decade. Anyone not living under a rock would have heard of non-invasive skin lifting procedures that can be done usually within 60 minutes or less. There are many such treatments around, but between non-invasive energy skin lifting device such as Ultherapy and something such as a facial threadlift, which should you choose? ULTHERAPY took the world by storm as the world’s first true non-invasive device approved by the FDA for skin lifting. Using sound energy – ultrasound, Ultherapy stimulates collagen production deep within the skin, resulting in a clinically apparent Continue Reading

5 Things You Are Doing That Are Making Your Acne Worse

So you are going through difficult times with your skin and no matter what you do, the zits just don’t go away? Treating acne breakouts can be tricky. Amongst the millions of skincare products the claim to be useful, getting your breakouts to stop could be as simple as revisiting your skincare routine to make sure you are not aggravating the situation instead.   1. YOU ARE APPLYING THE WRONG MAKEUP You might be applying all the right anti-acne products, but one of the biggest letdowns when it comes to treating breakouts is using the wrong makeup. Swap out these for non-comedogenic makeup with far less chances of clogging and infecting those zits. 2. YOU ARE NOT CLEANSING YOUR SKIN CORRECTLY Contact with your cleanser and water is not quite the recommended cleansing routine for skin prone to breakouts, especially if you also apply makeup. Massage your salicylic acid cleanser into your skin for approximately half a minute before rinsing it off thoroughly.   3. YOU ARE APPLYING TOO MANY Continue Reading

The New Complexion Uplifter

There is an unexpected benefit of Botox, which is traditionally known for smoothening out wrinkles. Apparently, doctors are using it to treat oily skin, great news for oil slicks! Botox works by blocking signals from nerves which control muscles, preventing it from contracting fully. Without a full contraction, harsh wrinkles appear more relaxed. Apart from being FDA-approved to treat forehead lines and crow’s feet, it also got approved for hyperhidrosis as well as migraines. And now (albeit still an off-label use), it can be injected to reduce oil production.   HOW DOES MICROREFINE BOTOX REDUCE OIL PRODUCTION? Similarly to how Botox restricts the activation of muscles, Botox injected skin-deep (Microrefine Botox) can prevent activation of oil (and sweat), a complexion saver if you are cursed with an oily complexion that makes your face look like an oil pan or if your skin tends to clog or get breakouts. A diluted dose injected intradermally into the forehead, cheeks, chin and even the nose will do it. It can still paralyse the Continue Reading

The Anti-Ager Injection To Replace A Facelift

The modern facelift has been around since the 1950s, but planning for a facelift until one, or two decades ago was tricky. Today, cosmetic doctors and surgeons are specializing in age-reversing injections, developing “liquid facelift” techniques in recent years for those looking to quickly rejuvenate without surgery. While these do not replace the surgical facelift in terms of degree of lift, they are more accessible for everyone in terms of downtime and cost, and definitely a more convenient and less risky way to freshen up and more subtly “well-aged”.   HOW THE FACE AGES But the idea of an injection achieving a facelift effect is intriguing. Many young people complain of “chipmunk cheeks” and look for ways to reduce facial fat, so how does a facial filler achieve a rejuvenative effect? With age, the face loses fat and volume, clumping up and sags. This results in a loss of radiance as the cheeks and temples deflate and the shape of the face changes gradually. Sunken temple hollows make a person Continue Reading