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How to be a Superyoung: Why Some People Never Age

“Youth’s a stuff will not endure,” said Shakespeare – wrongly. The Bard had reckoned without the Superyoung: Those irritating folks who seem to age at a more leisurely pace than the rest of us. Photographed in 1998 and more recently, Jennifer Lopez (47) looks virtually untouched by time. So do Halle Berry (50), Continue Reading

How to Get Thicker, Fuller, Sexier Hair

Skinny is great for lattes and jeans. But when it comes to mane goals, there’s one that every woman has: Voluptuous, healthy-looking hair that moves with you. Blame it on Mum’s meagre-maned genes (plus years of self-imposed styling damage, life’s stresses and the passage of time), the truth is precious few are born Continue Reading

Ageless Hair Secrets Unveiled – The Hair & Skin Forum

Why are women in their 30’s like me with a decent mop of hair doing at hair loss workshop, you might ask? After all, “baldness” would usually conjure a picture of middle-aged man with a generous muffin top spilling over his midsection. To be honest, I was going mainly for the “Skin” bit Continue Reading

Genius Solutions for an Expanding Forehead

Some argue that it’s physical proof of the Bard’s genius, or even a shiny piece of evidence that brains triumphs over beauty. Alas alack, every so often when we praise Shakespeare’s name, it’s hard not to find the egg of his face a slight shame. Androgenetic alopecia (a.k.a the garden variety male pattern Continue Reading