This Sneaky Facial Tightens Your Skin Without Needles

Skin tightening anything sounds a lot like it uses Botox, or painful face lifting treatments or surgeries, which is why I have always been wary of facials that promise time-reversing results, until I read an article about needle-free skin tightening transformations. Apparently there is a way to activate collagen production in our skin without the need to poke or prod at our skin.   THE 24K UPLIFT (HIFU) FACIAL Sounds odd that a facial could do enough to tighten the skin? The star of the 24K Uplift facial is actually sound. Specifically, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). A facial slimming session that trims a droopy jaw to a V-shaped visage, the Sygmalift is introduced as a facial that includes steps to exfoliate and hydrate tired skin for a healthy glow. Sygmalift is a triple focal pulsed treatment that targets subcutaneous fat, stimulates collagen and skin remodeling, oxygenation and promotes tissue regeneration from inside out, giving skin all these benefits without any downtime. Halfway through the facial, after the right side Continue Reading

Face Lifts: Which One Is Better For You?

Let’s face it. Sagging skin is not cute. Jangly jowls and hanging cheeks have always been a source of unhappiness as we age. It can also be caused by moderate or severe weight loss. The good news is, we don’t have to resign ourselves to fate. Speak of “face lifts” and the first thing that comes to mind is no longer the surgical facelift.   GENTLE FACE LIFTS If you find yourself pulling back skin on your face when you look in the mirror, and you like what you see, know that it is possible to tighten your skin non-invasively using energy devices. This is possible usually once you are in your 30s, and doing this when signs of aging are still early is better than doing it too late. Facial sculpting energy-based devices that are most reliable for this purpose are ultrasound-based ones such as Ultherapy, or radiofrequency-based (RF) ones such as Thermage.   ULTHERAPY VERSUS THERMAGE So is one better than the other? Medical professionals generally say that Continue Reading

This Vitamin Will Give Your Skin A Collagen Boost

A, B, C, D, E, K. If you had to choose, which vitamin will you choose for your skin? Like most people, I chose Vitamin C. I was wrong. Doctors are increasingly prescribing Vitamin A based skincare over others. Here’s are some of the reasons why: Penetrates deeply to stimulate fibroblasts – cells that produce collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unclogs pores, reduces oil production and therefore reduces acne Exfoliates and increases skin cell turnover, evening out skin tone Lightens sun damage and pigmentation But there are different Vitamin A formulas for skin. Here’s how you can use it.   RETINOIC ACID – This is one of the first ingredients used for acne, and is usually found in prescription formulas and has a direct biological effect on the skin – the vital ingredient that fights aging visibly. These prescription-strength formulas can be 100-times stronger compared to over-the-counter retinol products.   RETINOL – Usually the form of Vitamin A available in over-the-counter products, retinols need to be Continue Reading

Remodel Your Skin in 5 Minutes With This Injectable Moisturizer

10 jabs in the face. 5 minutes. Done. Profhilo is the latest dermal filler on the block. Like most of its filler predecessors, it is synthetic hyaluronic acid, and is injected into the skin. Except that it is anything but what all the other hyaluronic acid fillers are. The long and short of it all is, Profhilo is taking the beauty world by storm. Not only is everyone doing it, it’s basically making those who swear to never Botox or inject “artificial stuff” into their faces regret they ever said it.   PROFHILO – UNRIVALED IN ITS CLASS? “Unrivaled” – the makers of Profhilo proudly claim. And perhaps a rightful claim; no injectable hyaluronic acid filler has been able to stake its claim on a non-crosslinked, bioremodelling filler. Put simply, Profhilo improves the skin, rather than adding volume to it. Studies show that it stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin more effectively and hence it is a regenerative treatment that results in bioremodelling of aging skin. What’s most Continue Reading

Why Your Skin Really Wants You To Wear A Good Sunscreen

“If you want good skin in your 50s, start using a good sunscreen in your early 20s”. In case you were wondering, this isn’t just any quote we plucked off the internet. It’s actually pretty good advice. We know now that ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage skin, and not just in terms of burning it. UVB rays are responsible for burning skin, but did you know that UVA rays are responsible for aging skin?   Tip #1 LOOK FOR “BROAD SPECTRUM” SUNSCREENS SPF measures the level of protection against UVB rays – which are responsible for sunburns. A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended – this filters out 97% of UVB rays. SPF 50 filters out just 1% more, and SPF100 filters out 99%. So you can see that the difference in protection beyond SPF30 is not a whole lot more. More importantly, the SPF rating on a sunscreen does not indicate protection against UVA rays. UVA rays are responsible for ageing. So you should be looking for Continue Reading