The Microwave Treatment That Is Reshaping Bodies Like Never Before

Dreaming of losing a few inches here and there but dreading the idea of having to go under the knife for it? There is a new fat reduction treatment that can help.   ONDA USES MICROWAVES TO TACKLE DEEP FAT ONDA Body magic is the world’s first and the only treatment that uses microwave energy to contour the body and reduce fat. Coined “Coolwaves”, microwave energy delivers heat to deeper fat cells beneath the topmost layers of skin to dramatically reduce deep fat deposits, reduce and improve the appearance of cellulite as well as provide immediate shrinkage and stimulation of collagen for an impressive skin tightening effect. Read More: 5 of the Best ‘Skin-Vestments’ Your Skin Will Thank You for in 5 Years’ Time   HOW DOES ONDA WORK? Unlike other usual non-invasive fat reduction radiofrequency treatments, ONDA uses special microwaves at a frequency that is specifically absorbed by fat cells and bypasses heating of the epidermis and dermis, which results in an 80% rate of penetration into fat.   Continue Reading

5 Signs That Make You Look Older Than Wrinkles Do

Your face changes as you age. We often look for fine lines and wrinkles but there are other signs of aging that deserve attention. In particular, look out for these 5 signs that beauty experts universally agree that should be taken care judiciously before its too late.   JOWLS Losing the chiseled jawline is usually devastating for both men and women alike. With growing age, the skin produces less collagen and becomes thinner and less elastic over time. As the skin loses its natural fullness and resilience, it becomes vulnerable to gravity and the skin begins to sag. “Jowls” are unflattering pouches of skin below the jawline on both sides of the chin.   Say goodbye to sagging jowls with Ultherapy, a non-invasive skin lifting treatment. Using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved treatment for skin lifting and tightens the skin naturally over the following months for a beautifully natural effect. Read More: 5 Best Ways to Banish Skin Redness Forever   DROOPY EYELIDS Getting the Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why You Might Be Losing Hair

As the old adage goes “A girl can never be to skinny.” (or have too many shoes, for that matter). But chances are, you’d never want the word “thin” to be associated with your hair. Yet, many of our stealth hair-cidal habits are causing our locks to become prematurely thin and lacklustre on a daily basis. From our breakfast routines to our ponytails, study up on these top 6 surprising saboteurs that’s causing our tress distress on the inside and out. For all you know, beauti-“full” hair might just be a few simple lifestyle tweaks away.   #1 NUTRITIONAL IMBALANCES While you might feel refreshed and featherlight with a week-long juice cleanse, crash dieting means serious bad news for your hair. “We are conditioned to only think about our hair externally, but it’s basically a highly sensitive barometer of our overall health. Changes in our hair are frequently one of the first visible signs when there’s something amiss internally, since our crowning glory is considered a ‘non-essential’ accessory by our bodies and follicles are Continue Reading

The 5 Best Things To Do At Home For Better Skin

Skincare regimens today can be a little confusing (or excessive) for some. Seriously, there are hundreds of ingredients for every skin issue, so how does one choose? And there are only so many things we can apply to our skin everyday. Our skin is fragile and stressful lifestyles, less-than-optimal diets as well as environmental pollution cause our skin to look dull and dry. You may not be able to change these but there are certainly ways to regain that glow and radiance. So fret not, here are the simplest, yet most effective home remedies for natural, flawless-looking skin.   SECRET INGREDIENT #1 RETINOL This is the secret ingredient in every dermatologist’s beauty armoury, and the skin hero everyone needs in their skincare regime for a flawless complexion. A type of compound related to vitamin A, retinol can be found in over-the-counter skincare products and is converted to the active version once in contact with skin. It works to increase cellular turnover, stimulate production of collagen (therefore smoothens fine lines and Continue Reading

The Facelifts Of Tomorrow – Three Skin Treatments That Will Reduce Your Skin Age Drastically

The anti-aging treatments of tomorrow will relax wrinkles, smoothen out fine lines, firm the skin and even fill up lines on the face. Check out these 3 powerful doctor-approved treatments that will reduce your skin age drastically.   1. YOUTH SAVANT A youth miracle in a needle, they say. Youth Savant contains polynucleotides (PN), the building blocks of DNA required for cellular survival in our skin. Purified from salmon germ cells, our skin uses these DNA building blocks to build a natural resilience, resulting in younger, more youthful skin. Normal skin is not only subject to normal aging processes, it is also subject to inflammatory processes and damage brought on by the environment. Youth Savant contains PNs which aid in wound healing, and anti-inflammatory effects. One can expect improved skin elasticity, hydration, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, enhanced skin repair and normalization abilities, as well as improved skin tone and texture.   2. FOREVER YOUNG BBL Move over IPL, the BBL is the new multi-tasking light treatment for our skin Continue Reading