Female Hair Loss: The Low Down

Does a bad hair day mean a bad day for you? Too fine, too frizzy, too dry? A woman’s hair has become symbolic – apart from self-esteem, it has to do with feminity and even identity. It is no wonder, the hair and beauty is now a multibillion industry, and a woman spends approximately $50,000 on her hair over the lifetime, on average. But imagine this – women can lose their hair gradually. Known as female pattern hair loss, it usually begins around the 40s. For some, it can be even earlier. This progressive form of hair loss means that the hair loss is gradual, but continous. Without treatment, it can progress from just a widening parting to overall thinning. Unlike men, female pattern hair loss does not result in baldness. But hair thinning is part and parcel of it, some may notice hair receding at the temples. Without treatment, the hair thinning can become widespread.   HOW DOCTORS TREAT FEMALE PATTERN HAIR LOSS TODAY More than one treatment is Continue Reading

How I Got Myself Cheekbones Without Surgery

Facial aging is slowly progressive, a deterioration in our looks that you can’t discern from day to day, or even year to year. The signs of aging in the face aren’t like pimples – wake up one day and spot the difference. So the more you understand that our appearances take on a certain pattern of aging, and that everyone ages at different rates, and the extent of aging in parts of the face differs slightly from person to person, there are ways to reverse it! HOW THE MID-FACE AGES AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT The face structurally re-arranges behind the scenes? Fact. When we are young, fat is more abundant in the forehead, temples, cheeks, around the eyes and even around the mouth. As we age, fat repositions and redistributes. The nasolabial fold forms most probably due to weakening of a retaining ligament that runs through this area. Loss of fat in the cheeks, skin changes, as well as bone resorption (thinning) changes all result in a worsening Continue Reading

Your Ultimate Hair Removal Guide For Better Skin

Have you imagined a day where you will never have to pluck, tweeze or shave again? If you are contemplating hair removal, here’s the ultimate hair removal guide to read before you proceed.   SOME AREAS RESPOND BETTER THAN OTHERS Laser hair removal works better in some areas than others so don’t expect your entire body to be rid of all unwanted strands or stubbles according to schedule. Apparently, it works best in areas of thinner skin with thicker hair. So if you are after hair underarms, or targeting the bikini line, going for the legs and arms, you are in luck!   IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL FOR SOME PEOPLE If you are fair- skinned and have dark hair, chances are this will be a perfect treatment for you. Simply put, hair removal lasers target dark pigments, so unfortunately, people who have darker skin and dark hair will find it slightly harder to find success with this treatment. The gentleyag laser however, is safer for darker skin types and Continue Reading

5 Ways Botox Can Help You Avoid Cosmetic Surgery

When Botox was first introduced, everyone knew what it did, but just that no one likes to talk about it. Almost 2 decades later, Botox remains one of the most commonly done non-invasive cosmetic procedures today. Age prevention is now only one of the ways Botox is used. Expanding the dialogue of its growing list of uses, here are 5 ways Botox can help you avoid going under the knife: 1. Relax a gummy smile The dental people refer to this as “excessive gingival display”. Too much showing of the gum tissue above the top teeth makes people feel more self-conscious of their smile. Excess gum tissue can of course be removed (ouch), or you can opt for Botox injections to help relax the lip for a balanced grin. This is a quick fix, and is also relatively affordable, with each treatment lasting approximately 3 to 6 months. 2. Brow lift Botox can do more than just smoothen your forehead furrows. Botox browlift or brow botox refers to allows you Continue Reading

Here’s What The New Age Peels Do To Your Skin

Tired of dull, lacklustre skin and no amount of moisturizing or facials seem to help? A spotless, beaming complexion is just beneath the surface of your skin and your skin doctor might just be able to tease it out. Chemoexfoliation, more commonly known as the chemical peel, is a method of using exfoliative chemical agents that quick and uniform peeling of the skin to a desired depth. The aim of this is to peel the skin to address a variety of skin woes, but most popularly done to smoothen out lines and brighten the skin. By removing dead skin cells on the surface of skin, chemical peels improve lines, acne, pigments, and rapidly reveal baby smooth skin. Until the 1990s, chemical peels have been one of the most commonly performed non-invasive cosmetic skin treatments, but deep peels have largely been supplanted with the invention of skin lasers. Despite this, superficial peels have actually gone forward and proliferated in popularity.   THE NO-PEEL NEW AGE PEELS If the mention of chemical Continue Reading