7 Thing You Should Know About Effective Hand Sanitizing

So all of a sudden, we’ve plunged into bad (and scary) times. Within a span of 5 months, we went from recording coronavirus infections from China to the rest of the world. Experts say that one of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones is to wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible. But if soap and water are not available, a hand sanitizer will at least help reduce the risks of COVID-19 transmission in the community. Here is a guide for effective hand sanitizer use./   1. You Should Use Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers The effective concentration of an alcohol sanitizer is 60% and above. Sanitizers with lower alcohol concentrations, or non-alcohol sanitizers may merely reduce the growth of germs but not kill them. 2. They Do Not Eliminate All Types Of Germs Soap and water are still the most effective at removing some types of germs, such as Clostridium difficile, norovirus. While alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be effective as well, most people may Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Your Facial Skin Needs More Care Than Your Body

Have you ever wondered why you can’t use your body soap on your face, or moisturize your face with body lotion? Or why are pricey skin rejuvenation treatments at the doctor’s clinic only for the face (and sometimes neck) but not for the rest of the body? It is not a scam. Here are 5 ways skin on our faces differ from the body, and how we need to care for it.   1. YOUR FACE IS MORE EXPOSED TO THE SUN Our faces are more exposed to sunlight and if you didn’t know that the most important cause of skin aging is sun exposure by now, you have been living under a rock. In fact, it is estimated that about 90% of skin aging is due to the effects of the sun, and doctors advise against sun bathing to prevent photoaging of the skin. UVA rays in particular, penetrate deep into the dermis, damaging collagen fibers and causing premature skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily for us, non-invasive Continue Reading

Collagen: Eat, Inject Or Rub It?

Collagen makes up a third of protein composition in our body. Present in skin, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and even bone, think of it as the glue that holds the body together. There are 4 main types of collagen, and as we age, our body produces less and lower-quality collagen. In the skin, this translates to signs of aging such as thinning, sagging, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! So have you wondered, what are the ways to get more collagen into our body to delay the dreaded signs of aging?   EAT IT Most of us eat collagen almost daily without even knowing it! Edible collagen is found in animal bones, cartilage, chicken and fish skin. But is it effective? Apparently, not really. Eating whole collagen is usually accompanied with unwanted doses of fat and cholesterol, and it is not clear what the digestion process does to the protein anyway. Still, hydrolyzed collagen in the form of supplements may be useful, but get ready for a long Continue Reading

Science Now Says That The 50s Is The New 20s

Age is just a number, but is it true for everyone? Some celebrities never seem to age. Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Hong Kong actresses Irene Wan and Candy Lo, to name a few. But of course they have, except there is no way of telling it. For ‘mere mortals’ (like me) though, is that too much to ask for? Or is there a secret for skin to defy aging?     Apparently, there is. And we are going to share it.   AGE DEFY TIP 1 – LIFT LIFT LIFT   You would have heard by now, there are ways to firm skin – and we are talking about gentle ways of pulling skin back and up, without having to go under the knife. No-knife, non-invasive skin tightening treatments stimulate collagen production, so you see gradual, modest firming results over a few months. If you do opt for this, look for those with ultrasound technology such as Ultherapy or Sygma Lift, radiofrequency such as Thermage, and even laser heating treatments Continue Reading

How This Facial Healed My Skin

My skin, while good on most days, has never been great. No, I am not one of those who demands celebrity-grade “glass skin”. In fact, all I need is my skin to stop all its erratic redness and reactions once and for all. Change of weather, dust, stress, unfamiliar skincare ingredients have caused upheavals for my skin before. I have sensitive skin.   WHAT IS SENSITIVE SKIN? Sensitive skin appears to be caused by the top layer of skin becoming irritated, due to weakening of the natural barrier function of the skin due to a trigger. When I get a flare-up, my skin turns red, uncomfortable and occasionally I get blemishes and flakiness.   WHAT I HAVE LEARNT Being out and about without sunscreen irritates my skin. So does harsh exfoliation such as scrubs or peels. So that means there are hardly any facials out there which do not cause my skin agony. Until I tried The Deep Red Facial at SW1 Spa.   THE DEEP RED FACIAL The Deep Continue Reading