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The Treatment For Teeth Grinding Lies In An Anti-Wrinkle Jab

Teeth grinding is common. Bruxism is usually harmless, but its side effects can be annoying, such as waking up with sore teeth and jaws, facial pain, headaches. Over time, teeth grinding wears the teeth down and causes oral complications. Treatments include wearing teeth guards at night, relaxation techniques and of course, regular dental visits. Medical treatments include pain relief medications, or muscle relaxants.   BOTOX FOR TEETH GRINDING Yes you read it right. Botox is the anti-wrinkle injection, but in this case, it can also be used to prevent the complications of teeth grinding. Teeth guards help, but they are only effective in protecting the teeth. Injecting Botox directly into the masseter muscles on both sides of the face will reduce the tension of these muscles, which removes all the problems of teeth grinding, especially jaw and facial pain. Pain relief occurs as early as within a week, and a welcome “side effect” of this treatment is it can reduce the size of the masseter muscles, so you notice a Continue Reading

How Do Facelifts Of The Future Look Like?

Speak of facelifts and painful recovery comes to mind. But the worlds of plastic surgery and dermatology are becoming increasingly intertwined. Less invasive treatments are what patients now want and doctors have come up with creative techniques to try to marry the lowest downtime treatments with the most natural-looking age-reversal treatments possible. If the skin aging is too far advanced, the surgical facelift is still the longest lasting and possibly the most effective treatment of choice. Apart from weeks of bruising and swelling, potential patients also have to accept higher surgical risks. Rather than having to mitigate these risks later in life, patients are opting for treatments earlier. Facelifts of the future do not involve the scalpel. Instead, they are done under the comfort of topical numbing only.   STEMCELL FACELIFT – YOUTH SAVANT You might have heard of hyaluronic acid skinboosters, but this is not it. Youth Savant is stemcell extract therapy containing building blocks of purified salmon DNA. Using microinjections, this is delivered into the skin to increase Continue Reading

Now You Can Have Your SPF, And Eat It

We grew up thinking that soaking up loads of sunshine was actually good for health. While it is still true that ultraviolet B (UVB) rays help with vitamin D synthesis, the “sunshine vitamin” that is essential from bones, risking sun damage (which translates to increased risk of skin cancer) is not the way to do it. Most people make enough Vitamin D from being out in the sun daily, without having to “fry” their skin, and for those concerned, just know that Vitamin D can also be sourced from food such as salmon, sardines, red meat and eggs.   We have also now learnt, women especially, that sun exposure is the cause of certain types of pigmentation. Melasma, a type of pigmentation driven by hormones, is also triggered and worsened by sun exposure. For people with UV- or heat-sensitive hyperpigmentation problems, or those who want to prevent these, sun avoidance is recommended. But no one can stay indoors all the time! Thankfully, sun protection is now a real thing and Continue Reading

This Is How Your Face Is Betraying You

We’ve been told to never judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, we can’t help but do it. The human brain is remarkably brilliant at sizing things up, at the first glance, or some studies say, within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone for the first time. What’s scary really is how the first impression really sticks. Now we have all learnt that we should never jump to conclusions about others, but we all do. Here are some things that people think.   YOU LOOK TIRED Hands up if people have actually shown you some concern by asking if you had enough sleep last night, even though you had plenty of rest. Most of the time, the eyes are to be blamed. Dark undereye circles in particular are caused by sunken eye hollows which give the malnourished, sleep-deprived look. For most people looking for a quick solution without surgery, lunchtime facial filler procedures such as Revitalift Eye places soft hyaluronic acid fillers under the skin of Continue Reading

5 Non-Laser Skin Whitening Options That Actually Work

Is there such a thing as being born with good skin? If you’ve always wanted fairer or brighter-looking skin without having to go through the hassle of a laser treatment, here are some options that you might want to try.   1. ILLUMINATE Injectable skin whitening products injected into the body often promise to lighten the skin, but there is an overall lack of evidence that they work, and they might not even be safe. If you want to brighten your skin, even out skin tone and eliminate unwanted pigmentation, try Illuminate, a clinical-grade spa therapy that uses pure tranexamic acid and concentrated vitamin C to prime your complexion for a fresher look.   2. LED RED LIGHT Not to be confused with the laser, this is light therapy that was originally intended for wound healing and post-surgery scars. Until they found coincidental skin rejuvenation. Cells in the dermis converts light energy into fuel for the cell to produce collagen and elastin like one would do normally in their twenties. Continue Reading