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5 Surprising Causes Of Dark Under-Eye Circles

Thought dark eye issues are because of a lack of sleep? Here are five real surprising reasons that most people don’t know of. We speak to Dr Michelle Lim of the SW1 Clinic to find out more.   1. A FAMILIAR ISSUE Dr Michelle says it’s not uncommon for her, once in a while, to sit in consultation with some families who suffer from the same eye shadowing problem. For some people with dark eye circles, all we can say is that it runs in the family – a matter of genetics. You are simply born with it. This trait is more common is certain ethnic groups. It could be the anatomical shape of the eye socket, usually more sunken than usual.   2. A SKIN-DEEP PROBLEM Dry and sore skin can be caused by skin conditions such as eczema, or eyelid allergic or contact dermatitis. These cause inflammation of the delicate skin around the eyes and this causes the skin to produce more melanin, the natural pigment in our Continue Reading

5 Fixes For Your Pregnancy Skin And Hair Problems

Post pregnancy, women can suffer from a handful of problems that worry them. Here are the best fixes for these common issues.  1. HORMONAL ACNE Needless to say, our bodies experience hormonal changes postpartum, and these can cause an increase in sebum production, aggravating acne. This rage on your skin usually lasts for up to six months, but women should see their doctor to reduce the chances of scarring. Oral medications for acne are usually not suitable for breast-feeding mothers, but there are non-invasive skin treatments to improve, such as SW1 Clinic’s Purity Program.   2. MELASMA AND DULL SKIN Some unfortunate women get this mask-like pigmentary condition known as Melasma, which is triggered by a combination of hormonal changes and sun exposure. Women with darker skin (higher concentration of melanin in skin) are more susceptible. If you have pigmentation which started or worsened during pregnancy, consult your doctor first for a diagnosis. Melasma can be treated topically with lightening creams such as cysteamine, which can only be obtained via Continue Reading

5 Ways Botox Can Help You Avoid Cosmetic Surgery

When Botox was first introduced, everyone knew what it did, but just that no one likes to talk about it. Almost 2 decades later, Botox remains one of the most commonly done non-invasive cosmetic procedures today. Age prevention is now only one of the ways Botox is used. Expanding the dialogue of its growing list of uses, here are 5 ways Botox can help you avoid going under the knife: 1. Relax a gummy smile The dental people refer to this as “excessive gingival display”. Too much showing of the gum tissue above the top teeth makes people feel more self-conscious of their smile. Excess gum tissue can of course be removed (ouch), or you can opt for Botox injections to help relax the lip for a balanced grin. This is a quick fix, and is also relatively affordable, with each treatment lasting approximately 3 to 6 months. 2. Brow lift Botox can do more than just smoothen your forehead furrows. Botox browlift or brow botox refers to allows you Continue Reading

Lip Service – All The Ways To Enhance Your Pout

If we were to look to some celebrities for inspiration, things can get a little confusing. Take Kylie Jenner, for example, one of the youngest ever billionaires who first rose to stardom when she had lip fillers injected at the age of 17 (okay, and also when she tried to remove Kylie Minogue from her first name rights). Sometime last year, Kylie announced that she had all her lip fillers removed, only to have them filled back again less than two months later.   HOW OUR LIPS AGE Our lips are the most plump during our teens and start to lengthen and lose some definition as we depart from these “golden years”. The skin of the lips gradually thin out and fine lines appear over the lip borders. These are known as “smoker’s lines” but they also occur in people who do not smoke. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, here’s more. The corner of the mouth starts to turn down south, which makes a person look upset even when Continue Reading

The DNA Facelift

The SW1 Clinic has a new toy in its arsenal. Armed with a tiny tiny needle, this microinjection is touted the latest facelift, except it isn’t the real facelift and has no knives or sutures involved at all. Youth Savant is DNA extract therapy. It contains polynucleotides from purified salmon DNA. Best known for its healing and regenerative properties for anyone who wants better skin, it is delivered via microinjections into the dermis, revitalizing skin and drastically improving skin health holistically. Youth Savant revives aging skin via several processes: Regeneration. It makes new blood vessels which provides oxygen and nutrients for cells to repair and regenerate. Stops Inflammation. It reduces inflammation which normally causes cells to die by apoptosis or programmed cell death, so cells can repair themselves – this is also why Youth Savant has been shown to reduce scars. Teaches your skin to build more collagen. Fibroblasts create collagen in the skin and this restores elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles Teaches your skin repair itself. Youth Savant Continue Reading