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You Can Have Perfect Lips Too, Thanks To Science

Apparently, science can determine how sexy your lips can look. Bee-stung pairs like those of Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johannson are actually not all that subjective – because the world of cosmetic procedures currently has a metric for measuring lip beauty. And those who have always contemplated a lip filler job can rejoice, because this means that lip filler augmentation is no longer like the Wild West – there is actually a way of working out the best dimension for your lips that is considered ideal for your face.   ‘SUPERSIZE ME’ – VOLUME CAN BE PLANNED Believers of “size is not everything”, this will reaffirm your belief. Studies show that different ideals of lip beauty is not rooted in size, but in ratio. In fact, this was a concept born years ago when Leonardo Da Vinci postulated that the ability of the human brain to determine beauty is actually hardwired and tied to a mathematical proportion, now known as the Golden Ratio. This means that you can probably upsize Continue Reading

Is Your Face Aging Faster Than You?

The truth is, wrinkles will eventually appear and everyone will look older at some point. However, how well you cared for your skin from young can make a difference in wrinkle formation. Getting baggy or jowly around the jaw? Structural arrangements go on behind the scenes as we age. When we are young, fat in the face is more evenly distributed. The forehead, temples, cheeks, around the eye sockets and mouth are plump and youthful-looking. As we age, fat loss occurs and also shifts downwards. At the same time, skin loses its elasticity, sags and wrinkles develop, resulting in an overall volume deflation and loss of definition of the lower face. Even for someone with great genes, age-related changes in the face are unavoidable. If you’d rather have something done than embrace these changes, the surgical facelift is not the only treatment around to stem the tides of time. Non-invasive rejuvenation treatments are now the rave and they are popular because they are relatively inexpensive compared to surgical treatments and Continue Reading

Upgrade Your Facial Shape With These No-Knife Treatments

Ever wondered why some people never seem to age, or why some people look even younger than before? In case you were wondering, there is no magical treatment yet that reverses aging. Instead, more and more people are spending money to tighten their skin, so that their cheeks remain lifted and jawlines defined. Here’s are the top gravity defying skin treatments of 2019.   1. BEST SOUND SECRETS Sound is our new best friend, by this we mean high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). FDA-approved Ultherapy stimulates production of collagen deep within the skin with a productive healing response, restoring a sagging jawline back to a sharper, youthful V-shape. This completely non-invasive treatment targets a collagen-rich layer and results in a natural lifting and skin tightening effect that lasts for up to 12 months. For maintenance, another favourite of many, Sygmalift uses fractionated HIFU for a gradual skin tightening effect.   2. STRING IT WITH INFINITY V-LIFT Those with peeking jowls should consider the Infinity V-lift, a threadlift procedure that uses Continue Reading

Have You Heard Of The Nefertiti Lift Yet?

While the whole world expects that it’s wrinkles that age you, it’s actually your jaw that’s really making you look old. Why does the jawline age you faster than wrinkles do? In youth, the cheekbones are high and wide, the jawline is sharp and well-defined and this youthful facial shape is known as the “triangle of youth”. As we age, the triangle gradually inverts as the jawline changes from “V”-shaped to U-shaped and a double chin. So is there something for all the 40-somethings who are sadly observing their once-taut jawlines slowly disappear? Apparently, there is a new trend amongst Hollywood celebrities to keep themselves looking ever so youthful. It has to do with using Botox but has nothing to do with erasing wrinkles. It’s the Nefertiti lift, named after the Egyptian queen famous for her well-defined jawline. Many aesthetic doctors consider the shape of the face much more important than wrinkles, so tightening your jawline will make you look much younger compared to Botox for the wrinkles on your Continue Reading

This Helped Me Tone My Butt Effortlessly

The idea that I can have my butt toned by just lying down for 30 minutes sounds amazing. In fact, it sounds too good to be true. Yet, the latest technology to join the non-surgical fat reduction gang of treatments, magnetic muscle sculpting has gotten people obsessed, because although effortless, it is a kind of supplementation to exercise. There are no drugs to take, no needles and knives to bear.   HOW MAGNETIC MUSCLE STIMULATION WORKS First of all, this is mainly painless, but not sensation-free. It feels exactly like a really intense butt workout. Starting from a lower power, this is gradually turned up to stress-stimulate the muscle to induce timed, controlled contractions. After a series of contractions, it moves on to a tapping mode to help break down lactic acid released by the muscles. MMS can be applied over your clothes too. It uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to cause supramaximal contractions which are involuntary. Its benefits are two-fold: firstly it stimulates muscle contractions which builds muscle fibers for Continue Reading