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7 Thing You Should Know About Effective Hand Sanitizing

So all of a sudden, we’ve plunged into bad (and scary) times. Within a span of 5 months, we went from recording coronavirus infections from China to the rest of the world. Experts say that one of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones is to wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible. But if soap and water are not available, a hand sanitizer will at least help reduce the risks of COVID-19 transmission in the community. Here is a guide for effective hand sanitizer use./   1. You Should Use Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers The effective concentration of an alcohol sanitizer is 60% and above. Sanitizers with lower alcohol concentrations, or non-alcohol sanitizers may merely reduce the growth of germs but not kill them. 2. They Do Not Eliminate All Types Of Germs Soap and water are still the most effective at removing some types of germs, such as Clostridium difficile, norovirus. While alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be effective as well, most people may Continue Reading

Simple Makeovers To Know For A New You

As the old adage goes, “Beauty is only skin deep”. Indeed, great glowing skin will not make you “Woman of the Year” or fix your love life directly. But feeling beautiful in your skin can certainly give you a confidence boost to put your best foot forward. Here are two examples to see if the latest and hottest aesthetic treatments are really worth the hype.   REDNESS AND ACNE Adult acne driven by hormonal changes often plagues ladies in their 20s and 30s (and sometimes well beyond).  If topical products ain’t cutting it and oral medications do not make it to your preferred list, advanced light-based therapies such as anti-acne laser and LED light might be your answer to put a pause on pimples and accompanying scars.     What the Doctor Says: “This lady had hormonal acne along her jawline and chin, as well as clogged pores in her Tzone. The stubborn red scars just worsen the situation visually. The Vbeam Perfecta laser used in our Purity Program reduces the pimple-causing bacterial load Continue Reading

Is the New Threadlift The Best Way To Fast-Track A Facelift?

Part of the work to tackle signs of aging is finding a way to tackle unwanted sags and folds. The facial threadlift has been hailed as a low downtime treatment for men and women that gives visible lifting results, while completely side stepping the downtime associated with traditional facelifts. For those who have not heard of threadlifts, this is a procedure done by a trained medical professional where thin, almost invisible, fine threads are inserted under the skin. These bio-degradable threads have tiny anchors that “catch” soft tissue beneath skin. When placed in aesthetically flattering vectors, they result in a natural skin lifting effect. There are different types of threads available, and success often comes with deciding on the right thread (with the right doctor, of course). The most common threads used are: Polydioxanone (PDO, Infinity V-Lift, Infinity Instalift, V-petit) – made of material commonly used for stitching in surgeries. These procedures use threads that can place sagging skin in a more flattering position, and also help to stimulate collagen Continue Reading

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs: Which One Is For You?

The most famous celebrities are adored for their good looks – big eyes, luscious lips, a roundish forehead, glossy tresses and a sharp nose coming harmoniously together on a flawless canvas. The nose, in particular, starting between the eyes is part of the focal point of our faces, so it follows that the morphology of our noses is important. The asian nose, in particular in Southeast Asia, is often less-than perfect looking – those with flat bridges and bulbous, round nose tips are left desiring something more lifted, sharper and more defined. There are so many ways to make the nose look more perfect. Obviously there is plastic surgery and there is also makeup. But there is the stigmata of going under the knife and changing one’s looks forever, and on the other hand, there isn’t as much appeal with using makeup. And this is exactly why the non-surgical nose job is probably one of the most commonly requested filler procedures done in Singapore today. It gives one the chance Continue Reading

Deep Cleansing Your Skin From Drab To Radiant

You may think washing your face is a no-brainer. Well, not exactly. You’ll be surprised to hear from the pros that many of us aren’t using the correct product, rinsing properly, or treating our skin with the TLC it deserves. So time to start on a clean slate, tweak your purifying routine, and reveal glowing skin – tonight.   FINDING MR BRIGHT But a cleanser is a cleanser, right? Hardly (and yes, you do need more than water). Good skincare starts with a clean palette to allow the skincare goodies to sink in properly, but without over-stripping skin’s natural protective barrier and leaving it feeling like the Sahara. STEP 1: The first step to finding the perfect one for you is to understand your skin type and needs. While we should all get our skin analysed by a pro in the ideal world, you can get a good indication with this DIY test: Rinse your clean face with 10 splashes of lukewarm water, pat it dry and wait 45 minutes. Continue Reading