What To Do If Your Surgical Mask Is Giving You Acne

So the latest health directive now is to wear a mask when you are out in the public, to curb the spread of COVID-19. Whether to wear the mask when you exercise is a topic for another time, some people have figured out by now that mask wearing can create havoc on the skin. In particular, a pattern of acne mapping in atypical areas such as the cheeks, nose, and chin areas suggest that your new, unusual breakout could well be caused by your face mask. According to Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of the SW1 Clinic, it’s not so hard to understand why mask wearing wouldn’t cause acne for some folks. “Afterall, it is uncomfortable, you breathe into it, it gets sweaty and with mask shortages worldwide, you probably re-use even your disposable masks as much as you can” says Dr Low. Should you then ditch your mask to save your skin? No, not unless you want to get a fined or worse, in Singapore. And no, you definitely Continue Reading

Self-Care Secrets – Brighten Your Skin With New Age Peels

Almost 20 years ago, In Sex In The City, Samantha gets the most unfortunate reaction to a chemical peel, looking like “beef carpaccio”. No one who has seen the episode will ever forget Samantha’s burnt face, but we’ve come a long way since then, and we should all know that chemical peels today are applied differently. THE NEW AGE PEELS ARE NON-PEELING If the mention of chemical peels brought a cringe to your face, you are not alone. Peels in the past were meant to intentionally hurt, and left people’s faces red and raw. Today’s new age peels have revised acid formulas and doctors today have changed their approach to using them. While the idea in the past was to cause visible peeling with results only visible after significant downtime, new age peels today go by the no-peel policy. Their goal is to infuse the skin with the right ingredients (in the appropriate strength), to reduce the appearance of lines, even out skin tone and increase cellular turnover, so that Continue Reading

‘Quarantine Skin’ – What It Is And How To Deal With It

Many of us thought going makeup-free during quarantine would be good for our skin, but some of us might actually be wrestling with unpredictable skin issues during self-isolation. During this time when you can’t go to your favourite spa or doctor to air your skin grievances, here’s some help from Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of the SW1 Clinic and SW1 Spa. ACNE WOES Dr Low says that there are many reasons why your skin might be showing signs of stress normally. During self-isolation, a sudden change to your normal routine may be to blame. If you are experiencing new or more breakouts now, it could be a good time to look at your skincare regime. “Stress and changes in our diet during a pandemic can affect our skin. Our body increases production of cortisol, a stress hormone, which results in increased oil production. You could also be stress-eating your way through self-isolation, or eating more processed, junk food, or perhaps you have had to change from a non-dairy to Continue Reading

The Most Surprising Beauty Hacks To Steal From Korean Celebrities

Thanks to K-pop and Korean dramas, people all over the world view Korean celebrities as having the hallmarks of the Korean beauty scene – clear skin and enviable features. Here are some of the most unexpected beauty tips we’ve learnt from them.   FOOD-RELATED SKINCARE We are sure you probably know what to eat for glowy skin, but did you know you can put food stuff on your face too? Jun Ji Hyun creates her own face mask using lemon juice and wine! The purported benefits of using lemon juice directly on skin could be due to its high vitamin C content, and also due to its level of acidity giving it astringent qualities, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-grease and collagen stimulation properties. Red wine contains resveratrol, known for its anti-aging effect. Our only gripe is lemon could irritate sensitive skin. Instead, try a daily serum with a cocktail of fruit acids, such as Fruit Enzyme. Song Hye Kyo has been the ambassador of beauty brands such as Laniege and Sulwhasoo, Continue Reading

3 Things To Know Before Your First Threadlift

To help with your research about facial threadlifts, we’ve listed 3 important points you need to know before you make that appointment for this extremely effective treatment.   A FEW MILIMETERS IS ALL YOU NEED Since it merely repositions loose skin, threadlifts have a more subtle lift compared to surgery. No loose skin is actually cut or removed. Ideally, in procedures such as the infinity V lift and the silhouette instalift, repositioning is only a difference of a few millimeters but results are more natural-looking.   IT DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYONE So this is a minor procedure that doesn’t require the scalpel, naturally you shouldn’t expect the same results from it as you would from a surgical facelift. It works best if you have mild to moderate sagging of facial skin. Anything more that moderate sagging is less likely to have impressive results, as these will require more invasive procedures for a more visible difference.   IT IS NOT A ZERO DOWNTIME TREATMENT If someone told you they went to Continue Reading