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Beauty Secrets from Around the World

From antioxidant-packed serums to peptide-laced moisturisers, skincare has come a long way from homemade soap of the yesteryears due to modern science and technology. As more new power products inspired by Nature and traditional skin-gredients pop up over the beauty counters, we’re left wondering if our ancestors deserve more credit for their cosmetic Continue Reading

SKIN BB’s – Drink Your Way to Great Skin

Nuh-uh…We are not talking yet another BB cream *yawn* or its CC reincarnation, for that matter. We’re talking about SKIN’s innovative new crop of good ol’ so-healthy-you-glow delicious BB’s – Beauty Beverages. While the importance of a well-planned skincare regime is unquestionable, good nutrition plays a vital role to build health and youthfulness in Continue Reading

Kate Middleton Hooked on Lavender

Royal Mama-to-be, Kate Middleton, has developed a taste for lavender to combat the nausea related to her hyperemesis gravidarum (a.k.a really nasty acute morning sickness), as reported by The Sun. Lavender has long been used to naturally relieve nausea, in addition to soothing frazzled nerves and touchy skin. In true Princess form, Kate Continue Reading