Ways to Prevent a Greasy Face

For my oily-skin pals, I understand your pain. I too have been seeking new ways to not appear so shiny throughout the day. Here are some recommendations that might work for you!

  • Anything Green Tea

If you observe facial products targeted at people with oily skin in the market, you would realise that green tea products are very popular. This is because green tea contains antioxidant elements to help reduce the sebum production on your face. Green tea clay masks would be especially useful to you because you would be able to absorb the dirt and debris on your face. The combination of green tea and clay would be helpful in the control of oil on your face.

  • Mattify Complexion

Another option would be to take steps to clear the oil on your face throughout the day. One product you could try is the Clear Tonic Mint-Infused Clarifying Facial Tonic. Apart from the refreshing mint smell, it is also very useful when it comes to purging the pimples and controlling the oil on your face. Speaking about oil control, the shine throughout the day might be bothering. Simply spritz this product throughout the day to mattify your complexion. No more jokes from friends about your forehead is brighter than your future!

  • Wash your face regularly

It might come to you naturally to use a product that leaves you a squeaky-clean feeling on your face. But don’t do that. Stripping your face of the natural oils it produces might tell your face to produce more sebum. Instead, you should use a gentle facial wash around 3 times a day, one that helps to cleanse your face while leaving a velvety smooth texture on your face. While ridding the oily sheen on your face, it also helps to cleanse your pores to prevent any congestion.

Having said that, you shouldn’t wash your face too much because it will strip your face of the natural oil it produces, hence triggering the production of more sebum.


Let me know if these hacks work for you in your quest to be less shiny!

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