Creating a Spa Experience at Home

Facials done at the clinic are amazing. You get to wind down while you pamper your skin with good ingredients. One downside is that you’ll need to travel to the clinic, but that’s no big deal when the clinic has comfortable beds. Some people prefer to do their own DIY masks in the comfort of their own homes. But the DIY masks can get messy, and are time-consuming to mix from scratch. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the mask is a big question mark. Wouldn’t it be great if there is a middle ground between the 2 options?

The solution is to create your own spa experience with products specially formulated by aesthetic doctors! You can leave it to the professionals to create effective products, you just need to decide which skin concern and area you’d like to target that day.


  • Eyes

Your eyes are possibly the first thing someone sees when they look at you, especially when we are all wearing masks now. Brighten and tighten your under eyes with the Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum. Infused with gold particles and potent doses of Argireline, this serum helps fight obvious signs of ageing under the eyes. It is quickly absorbed into the skin so there will be no sticky feeling afterwards.

After that is done, use the Collagen Lash to grow your eyelashes. It helps to thicken your eyelashes and restore lashes that have weakened or aged. In 4 to 8 weeks, your lashes will improve in strength and overall health. Who needs mascara after this?


  • Neck

The neck is one of the places that are often highly neglected. However, since the skin at the neck is thin, it reveals your age quite quickly. It would be wise to take care of your skin as you would your face. Consisting of a cleanser, essence, ampoule, sheet mask and treatment, the Great Necks-pectation Skincare Kit can help to reverse signs of ageing. The star player of this kit would be the Gold Oil Retinol Vitamin A Anti-ageing Neck Treatment. Apart from smelling good, it deeply hydrates the skin and attacks the visible effects of sun damage.


  • Face

Had enough of dull skin? The Sapphire Peel is here to help. With its dual function in removing the outer dead skin cell layer and clearing your pores, it results in a brighter and more radiant complexion. The enzymes within this cooling dermal peel also help to prevent future breakouts.

After a peel, use the Oxygen Facial Purifying Oxygen Mask to further deliver brightening goodness into your skin. You can expect glowy and refreshed skin after using this mask as the ginseng extracts give an additional oxygen boost to your skin!

Although nothing beats having an in-clinic facial session, recreating this experience at home comes in second. Though your family might not have the same nifty hands of therapists, you can get them to help apply these products to your face while you enjoy listening to some relaxing music. Enjoy your homemade spa experience!

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