It’s All About The Jawline

A chiseled jawline has always contributed one’s attractive rating (if there was one). Ask a portrait photographer the most important facial feature of their subjects and they will tell you it is “all about the jaw”.

Jawlines that are defined bring character to a face and makes one’s portrait more photogenic. It is a sign of good genes (and these days, good anti-aging care), men or women alike. So whether it is Henry Cavill’s chin of steel, or Jennifer Lopez’s gravity-defying jawline and cheeks, here are 2 proven treatments that will keep that profile of yours dazzling.

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments

This is the famous non-surgical facelift that keeps the collagen and elastin content of your skin abundant, without the scalpel! Treatments such as radiofrequency Thermage and focused ultrasound Ulthera work on the basis of stimulating a productive wound healing response, which leads to a progressive skin and neck tightening effect within 3 to 6 months. What people really these 2 lunchtime procedures is that they are completely non-invasive – there isn’t even a needle prick involved, so there is zero downtime. Some express concerns about pain or discomfort especially for Ulthera, if you have tried Ulthera and find it painful, there is absolutely no reason to give it up, because some clinics offer the Ulthera under light sedation by a fully qualified anaesthetist!

The only drawback about these procedures is the hefty price tag. Granted, these are once-a-year procedures and also much research has been done to ensure both safety and efficacy (to make sure that it really works) but you can’t blame those who are skeptical because they haven’t tried it or because it didn’t work for them (there are some medical conditions which may not do so well with these procedures, so ask your doctor about it). Bear in mind that these are natural-looking face lifting treatments, so you can expect a moderate age reversal effect. Those looking to take 15 or 20 years off their looks should try the surgical facelift instead”.

People on the other spectrum may prefer to do incremental treatments instead, so something like the fractionated ultrasound SygmaLift would be ideal. This is completely painless, you can see an immediate mild to moderate lift immediately which lasts anything between 2 to 4 weeks. Incremental treatments done weekly for 5 or 6 weeks should see more sustained facial contouring results.


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