5 Beauty Blunders That Age You

Delaying the skins of aging and acquiring a beautiful complexion requires more than just picking the best skincare products. Here are the top 5 beauty blunders to avoid falling victim to.


UVA rays from the sun age you before you realize it. These sneaky things penetrate the clouds and glass windows so the only way to prevent your skin from aging prematurely and forming wrinkles too early is to protect it with a broad spectrum, SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. Don’t forget the neck and there are lip balms with SPF too. Sunscreen can now be washed on (think wash-on sunscreens like Guardian Angel and Bodyguard), applied on the face (Umbrella SPF 70), or eaten (oral SPF).


Thought it’s no big deal falling asleep with makeup, oil and dirt on your face? Apparently this is a nasty habit the can create absolute havoc on your skin, clogging pores, transforming skin from divine to drab. If you put on makeup, at least clean it off before hitting the sack. Your skin will thank you in a few years’ time.


How many of us splurge on creams and treatments on the face but forget the neck? In fact the skin on the neck has less oil glands, so they age at a faster rate. So go ahead and pamper it, use your face serums and creams on your neck, or opt for something even more hydrating, such as the Gold Retinol Oil.


This is getting tough to read, I know. If you want to discourage lines from etching themselves into the face, you need to start learning how to sleep – facing up. If the lines are already there, it is still not too late. Look into skin firming treatments that can reverse some of these signs of aging such as Thermage or Youth Preserve.


Some consider serums the most important step of their skincare routines. And why not, since serums contain the highest concentration of active ingredients that help with all kinds of skin concerns such as anti-aging, pigmentation, or dull skin texture? Serums can hydrate complexions more effectively, since they can penetrate the skin better at the molecular level, and therefore boot the effects of your moisturizers that sit on top.

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