The Most Surprising Beauty Hacks To Steal From Korean Celebrities

Thanks to K-pop and Korean dramas, people all over the world view Korean celebrities as having the hallmarks of the Korean beauty scene – clear skin and enviable features. Here are some of the most unexpected beauty tips we’ve learnt from them.



We are sure you probably know what to eat for glowy skin, but did you know you can put food stuff on your face too? Jun Ji Hyun creates her own face mask using lemon juice and wine! The purported benefits of using lemon juice directly on skin could be due to its high vitamin C content, and also due to its level of acidity giving it astringent qualities, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-grease and collagen stimulation properties. Red wine contains resveratrol, known for its anti-aging effect. Our only gripe is lemon could irritate sensitive skin. Instead, try a daily serum with a cocktail of fruit acids, such as Fruit Enzyme.

SW1 Shop – Fruit Enzyme is a lightweight, non-greasy, gentle AHA formula. Perfect for oil control and misbehaving skin.

Song Hye Kyo has been the ambassador of beauty brands such as Laniege and Sulwhasoo, what does she use to maintain her flawless skin? Milk! Milk contains lactic acid, a natural peel, which helps to dissolve dead skin cells for that dewy look. If you prefer to only drink your milk (like me), try SW1 Spa’s Milk Peel instead.



If you have given up on contouring your nose because its just too difficult and takes too long, use the fork! JooE of Momoland uses the tines of the fork to guide her contouring strokes and she gets it perfectly replicable every single time! But the problem is its challenging to wear makeup like this all the time (for lazy girls like me anyway), so either look into a rhinoplasty or a non-invasive nose bridge augmentation procedure such as nose fillers or the Infinity 3D nose lift.

Like your foundation but don’t like getting your fingers dirty, or lost your foundation spatula, perhaps? Jisook says she uses the back of a plastic knife to spread her foundation! This sounds believable, but I am certain that’s a lot of makeup to apply every time. If you want Korean glass skin, check out photoshop lasers BB Aquatouch Laser, Babyskin Program or the Glass Skin Program.



Hyelin applies Vaselin to her skin when its very dry. A remarkably simple routine, we have to say, but try applying Vaseline in our hot and humid climate and you will probably end up with clogged pores and/or acne! If you have dry skin, try a skin oil instead, such as Skin Drink. Skin Drink contains squalane and can be applied on its own or over your moisturizer to seal precious moisture in, without clogging skin.

SW1 Shop – Skin Drink is plant-derived and non-comedogenic and 100% organic. Ideal for skin in need of rehydration.


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