Month: March 2020

Acne Fighters That Work

If you’re having some trouble finding an effective acne solution, you’ve come to the right place. You watch every commercial and read every magazine article you find but still can’t find an acne treatment that works for you. Everyone’s skin is a little different and sometimes it takes more than a single type of treatment to get a good result. But not to worry, we spoke to some experts and we’re going to give you some guidance on highly effective solutions for acne.   Blue Light Therapy Pimples are usually form in the same way from clogged pores, or pores become blocked, letting impurities, bacteria and cells build up and form a plug. Well, the main cause is from an abnormal amount of bacteria, resulting in inflammatory acne. I-clear aka the blue light therapy emits powerful rays that penetrate follicles to kill off acne-causing bacteria. It utilises innovative Photo Dynamic Therapy technology to effectively aim at the bacteria without affecting surrounding tissues. This painless, non-invasive therapy is suitable for moderate Continue Reading

Do You Need Antioxidants In Your Skincare?

We’ve heard of the importance of including antioxidants in our diet, but what about antioxidants in skincare? If you have them in your skincare currently, do you know why you are slathering them on your skin? Well, like what they do for the body when you eat them, antioxidants in skincare protect the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals, nasty things in the environment (air pollution, chemicals, cigarette smoke) that breaks down your skin’s elasticity everyday. Yes, antioxidants in your skincare prevent free radicals from sucking life out of your face, basically. They allow your skin to repair by moping up free radicals. The question is, what are the best antioxidants for your skin?   VITAMIN C – BRIGHTENING A hot favourite of many doctors, this is the antioxidant to go to to perk up dull, tired-looking skin. It can also reduce hyperpigmentation, boost collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even out skin tone. SW1 Shop – Vitamin C Elixir   VITAMIN A – Continue Reading

3 Skin Lightening Ingredients Doctors Love

There are so many skincare products, it is impossible to know which ones are effective. So one of the smartest ways to go about skin lightening products is probably to check what ingredients skin doctors love. Here are the top 3 skincare ingredients you should be adding to your skincare regime if you want to lighten pesky pigmentation or brighten skin in general.   TRANEXAMIC ACID If you thought tranexamic acid sounded like a gynaecologist’s treatment, you are right! This is a treatment more commonly used to reduce blood loss in women experiencing menorrhagia. Recently recommended for use in melasma (in a lowered dose), this can be given as an oral medication, a topical preparation or a superficial injection into the lesion. This anti-pigment ingredient works by decreasing the activity of tyrosinase and melanogenesis. This ingredient works well with vitamin C and retinol. Talk to your doctor before using. Tranexamic Acid Ampoule   ARBUTIN Alpha arbutin, extracted from plants, is a safe skin brightening ingredient. Those of you who love Continue Reading

Beauty Treatments For Men That Have Gone Mainstream

Beyond the haircut, are there other grooming tips for men today? The answer is Yes, and in fact, the male grooming industry is booming. If you are wondering what the gents are doing, here’s a list of what they have been splashing cash on.   BOTOX FOR MEN As with women, men are spending their money on treatments to keep them looking young. Men are softening deep wrinkles on the face with Botox particularly for deep frown lines, forehead furrows and the crow’s feet. Just like women, men are also starting preventive botox at a younger age, using botox to soften dynamic wrinkles that appear with movement to decrease stress on the skin, preventing the appearance of static ones (wrinkles you can see even at rest).   LASER HAIR REMOVAL FOR MEN Men are increasingly opting for permanent laser hair removal to remove hair on the face and some parts of the body. Killing hair at the root, this terminates hair growth. Male laser hair removal reasons include a preference Continue Reading