Beauty Treatments For Men That Have Gone Mainstream

Beyond the haircut, are there other grooming tips for men today? The answer is Yes, and in fact, the male grooming industry is booming. If you are wondering what the gents are doing, here’s a list of what they have been splashing cash on.



As with women, men are spending their money on treatments to keep them looking young. Men are softening deep wrinkles on the face with Botox particularly for deep frown lines, forehead furrows and the crow’s feet. Just like women, men are also starting preventive botox at a younger age, using botox to soften dynamic wrinkles that appear with movement to decrease stress on the skin, preventing the appearance of static ones (wrinkles you can see even at rest).



Men are increasingly opting for permanent laser hair removal to remove hair on the face and some parts of the body. Killing hair at the root, this terminates hair growth. Male laser hair removal reasons include a preference for less hair, to remove prickly regrowth or to get rid of stubborn ingrowns.



Male-pattern hair loss is the loss of hair that begins at the temples or crown of the head. Some may experience receding hairlines to an “M” hairline shape, or (gasp) until all or most of the hair is gone. This often boils down to genetics, but a variety of factors could also be to blame.

The Keramax Scalp Program is a comprehensive hair treatment for those experiencing hair thinning problems.

Revitascalp is a hair treatment with clinically proven Minoxidil, which works to inhibit DHT, a hormone which binds to hair follicles and causes them to shrink. Combined with carefully selected nutrients, a dedicated therapist applies this to your scalp. Next, 30 easy minutes under a painless hair laser completes the treatment. The Revage 670 uses photobiostimulation to stimulate “sleeping” hair follicles into the growing phase. Blood flow is stimulated to nourish poor thinning hair follicles, pushing them into the active growing phase and encourages growth of thicker, healthier hair shafts.



Men are no longer feeling shy about skin rejuvenation laser procedures. It is almost as if a population of men have woken up and realized that doing lasers is the new norm to achieve a smoother complexion. Most of these men who do such lasers accept the slight downtime of 3-5 days of the resurfacing treatment and do not even bother to hide it. A new treatment to try is Pico Smooth, a fractionated picosecond laser treatment that uses laser energy to generate collagen deeper within the skin.

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