Science Now Says That The 50s Is The New 20s

Age is just a number, but is it true for everyone?

Some celebrities never seem to age. Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Hong Kong actresses Irene Wan and Candy Lo, to name a few. But of course they have, except there is no way of telling it. For ‘mere mortals’ (like me) though, is that too much to ask for? Or is there a secret for skin to defy aging?

This is what Jennifer Lopez could look like if she “aged normally” (right). The left is an actual photo of her at 29.


Jennifer Lopez in 2019, 50 years old.


Apparently, there is. And we are going to share it.




You would have heard by now, there are ways to firm skin – and we are talking about gentle ways of pulling skin back and up, without having to go under the knife. No-knife, non-invasive skin tightening treatments stimulate collagen production, so you see gradual, modest firming results over a few months. If you do opt for this, look for those with ultrasound technology such as Ultherapy or Sygma Lift, radiofrequency such as Thermage, and even laser heating treatments such as Neogen Plasma.




Most people will never think that putting volume back in their faces will make them look younger. But one of the most obvious contributing factors to an aging face is volume deflation – we lose fat in the face and the structure of the face changes – much like a balloon which has lost air. Treatments such as Volume High Definition Lift replaces volume lost in the midface with hyaluronic acid fillers and effectively lifts sagging cheeks (and small jowls as well, to some extent). Those who want a full face improvement can now look to a treatment plan such as facial filler beautification program, tailored to your skin aging needs.




Fine lines and wrinkles may start earlier or later, but we all get these eventually. One of the ways to delay the formation of wrinkles would be to start Botox in “high-activity” areas such as the forehead, the frown area between the eyebrows, and outside the eyes. Laser treatments such as SmartX Lite, Fraxel mildly resurface dull skin with very acceptable recovery times, or try the Forever Young Broadband Light (BBL), a published protocol which has been suggested to reverse some signs of aging.



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