Month: January 2020

Why Your Skin Really Wants You To Wear A Good Sunscreen

“If you want good skin in your 50s, start using a good sunscreen in your early 20s”. In case you were wondering, this isn’t just any quote we plucked off the internet. It’s actually pretty good advice. We know now that ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage skin, and not just in terms of burning it. UVB rays are responsible for burning skin, but did you know that UVA rays are responsible for aging skin?   Tip #1 LOOK FOR “BROAD SPECTRUM” SUNSCREENS SPF measures the level of protection against UVB rays – which are responsible for sunburns. A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended – this filters out 97% of UVB rays. SPF 50 filters out just 1% more, and SPF100 filters out 99%. So you can see that the difference in protection beyond SPF30 is not a whole lot more. More importantly, the SPF rating on a sunscreen does not indicate protection against UVA rays. UVA rays are responsible for ageing. So you should be looking for Continue Reading

Busting Melasma Myths – Do’s And Don’ts

Do’s and don’ts kind of advices usually bore people, because they sound like old wives tales or myths. “Drink lots of water, else you will get a sore throat”, or “Don’t eat chilli, they will make your skin break out”. In terms of skin and hyperpigmentation, some people believe that melasma is triggered by stress; some Chinese even believe there are supernatural causes to it. In this article, we break the myths of melasma and explore the best doctor-approved treatments for it.   WHAT IS MELASMA? First things first, melasma is a facial condition that causes patches of hyperpigmentation to appear on the skin. It is more common in females compared to males. These patches of pigmentation can cause some distress as they can cover parts of the cheeks, the forehead, bridge of the nose and the upper lip, resembling a mask. Causes of melasma appear to be a mixture of genetics predisposition, sun exposure, hormones, and sometimes certain medical conditions such a hypothyroidism.   YOU CAN’T CURE MELASMA – Continue Reading

What The Chinese Say About Good Skin

Do you always get breakouts on your chin? Or the jawline? What about the cheeks? Is it hormonal? Or is it some other cause? The art of Chinese face mapping is fascinating. Believers of Chinese medicine believe that the location of skin blemishes on your face can indicate underlying systemic causes. We’ve dissected the pimple problem according to different sections of the face and potential solutions to stubborn acne.   FOREHEAD OR “T-ZONE” Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) connects the forehead with the nervous system and digestion. So if you have zits in these areas, you might be stressed! Cut back on late nights so you get ample rest. Fixing stressors would be the goal, but we all know sometimes we can only improve it – we still have to meet the deadlines, or take our exams, for example. So TCM practitioners advise adapting your diet to reduce the impact of stress on your skin. Avoid sugars, fatty and processed food; instead, increase your intake of vegetables and water. Additionally, taking Continue Reading

Facial Features To Examine For A Lucky Chinese New Year

Chinese face reading is the ancient art of predicting a person’s future. The belief the faces can mean fortune or misfortune is something as old as the hills to the Chinese. Chinese face readers look for indicators of wealth and prosperity in the facial features. It is used by the elders to look for signs in potential daughter or sons –in-law, or individuals have been known to augment certain features to an appearance that improves character and fortune. Here are some of the most important “wealth spots” to examine for a prosperous year of the rat.   1. FOREHEAD The Chinese believe that a high and round forehead is an extremely reliable indicator of wealth, suggesting that it is luck sent from heaven. The forehead should be gently curved, high and even slightly protruding. Foreheads such as these suggest respect and authority as well. It is important that the forehead is clear of blemishes and pimples. Pigmentation or uneven skin tone can be improved visibly with pigment lasers. Ensure that Continue Reading