Top Secrets To Looking 10 Years Younger

Some may not get it, but aging gracefully is actually a mentality. It is about acknowledging that you are aging, but that there are things you can do to delay the physical signs of it. Here are the top secrets to that can help take years off your face.



The most common complaint of skin aging is dullness. Aging of the skin is characterized by loss of elasticity, this results in the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles. The skin may appear more transparent, which is caused by thinning of the surface of the skin. The picosecond laser is one of the latest skin rejuvenation lasers. A fractionated handpiece offers dramatic skin smoothening results with its photoacoustic beam, creating a productive healing response just beneath the topmost layer of the skin. SW1 Clinic’s Glass Skin Program delivers exceptional rejuvenative anti-aging benefits with the signature Pico Smooth treatment.



Loss of collagen and loss of youthful facial fat can cause the skin to sag. This can result in deepening of the nasolabial folds, and appearance of jowls. The Infinity V-lift is a nifty threadlift procedure where barbed dissolvable surgical threads are inserted under the skin to strategically lift and contour the face. A minimally invasive procedure, threadlifts are easy ways to get quick, visible improvements.



Facial hollowing is a sign of aging. Soft, plump tissue of the cheek falls and results in sunken cheek hollows. Hollowing of the temples is a natural part of the aging process and results in dropping of the browsc. Luckily, this volume loss can be replaced with dermal fillers. Temple fillers instantly give an aging face a more balanced look, lifting the corners of the eyes and brows for a subtle fresh look. For sunken cheek hollows, Volume High Definition Lift is a volumetric lifting treatment that replaces lost volume and lifts sagging skin at the same time.


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