How To Look Better As You Get Older

Most people start to worry about looking older as they approach their 40s, but did you know that collagen production in our skin drops earlier than we think – in our twenties? But yes, even though we will all gradually look older as we get older, believe it or not, some things can get better with age. In fact, you can look better as you get older. Here are the 5 of the best tips to prevent facial aging.


Why do some people look like they never age? Experts say that the most obvious sign of aging isn’t wrinkles, but is actually a disappearing jawline! Loss of collagen in the skin, loss of facial fat, shrinking of muscles all cause the skin to droop. If you haven’t heard of Ultherapy (where have you been!), you might have been living under a rock. This is a non-invasive skin lifting treatment that uses micro-focused ultrasound targeting up to 4.5mm deep beneath the surface of the skin (sometimes extending into the muscle) to stimulate collagen for a firming and tightening effect. For something less dramatic but also highly effective, try Sygmalift, which uses fractionated High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). In the Sygmalift, the energy is broken up as they penetrate the dermis and connective, making the procedure mostly painless. Sygmalift is best performed monthly whereas Ultherapy is usually performed once every 12 months.



Youth Savant is called a miracle healer. For aging skin, this is a treatment that provides the skin with structural units of DNA for DNA synthesis, very much like recycling power for regenerating skin. This self-correction process restores and firms aging skin, resulting in increased thickness and improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. Made from purified salmon DNA, there are no fillers in it, making it popular for those who want a more natural approach to getting more resilient skin.

SmartX Lite, another hot favourite for those who want to smoothen out surface fine lines and wrinkles induces a skin tightening effect through precise dermal heating and a productive wound-healing effect. This laser treatment using fractional photothermolysis and intelligent “dot-therapy” allows for deeper ablation without significant risk of complications, making it extremely effective for skin renewal and tightening.



When we are younger, wrinkles are dynamic – they only appear during expression. On the other hand, static wrinkles are permanent, and can be seen on the skin even during neutral expression. Botox prevents some of these muscles from a full contraction, so wrinkles look dramatically reduced. But wait, there is more. You may have heard that prevention is better than cure, and people are starting to Botox in their early thirties rather than late to delay the onset of static wrinkles.

We may not be able to stop the passing of time, but the best advice would probably be to consider anti-aging treatments early, so you have a good shot at looking the same, or even younger as you age!

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