Have You Heard Of The Nefertiti Lift Yet?

While the whole world expects that it’s wrinkles that age you, it’s actually your jaw that’s really making you look old. Why does the jawline age you faster than wrinkles do?

In youth, the cheekbones are high and wide, the jawline is sharp and well-defined and this youthful facial shape is known as the “triangle of youth”. As we age, the triangle gradually inverts as the jawline changes from “V”-shaped to U-shaped and a double chin. So is there something for all the 40-somethings who are sadly observing their once-taut jawlines slowly disappear?

Apparently, there is a new trend amongst Hollywood celebrities to keep themselves looking ever so youthful. It has to do with using Botox but has nothing to do with erasing wrinkles. It’s the Nefertiti lift, named after the Egyptian queen famous for her well-defined jawline. Many aesthetic doctors consider the shape of the face much more important than wrinkles, so tightening your jawline will make you look much younger compared to Botox for the wrinkles on your forehead, for example.



Firstly, the Nefertiti gives the appearance of a jawline tightening effect, but you are not actually tightening skin. Instead, a few jabs of minute doses of Botox results in relaxation of the platysma muscle. The platysma muscle is a depressor muscle of the lower face that pulls the skin of the neck downward. It’s regular tone also contributes to lowering the corners of the mouth. The Nefertiti Lift relaxes this muscle and weakens the distention of the neck, effectively “lifting” the lower neck and jawline!

This recontouring treatment is extremely effective and there is no downtime except for a few very tiny pinprick marks around the jawline.




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