How Do Facelifts Of The Future Look Like?

Speak of facelifts and painful recovery comes to mind. But the worlds of plastic surgery and dermatology are becoming increasingly intertwined. Less invasive treatments are what patients now want and doctors have come up with creative techniques to try to marry the lowest downtime treatments with the most natural-looking age-reversal treatments possible.

If the skin aging is too far advanced, the surgical facelift is still the longest lasting and possibly the most effective treatment of choice. Apart from weeks of bruising and swelling, potential patients also have to accept higher surgical risks. Rather than having to mitigate these risks later in life, patients are opting for treatments earlier. Facelifts of the future do not involve the scalpel. Instead, they are done under the comfort of topical numbing only.



You might have heard of hyaluronic acid skinboosters, but this is not it. Youth Savant is stemcell extract therapy containing building blocks of purified salmon DNA. Using microinjections, this is delivered into the skin to increase resilience. Youth Savant has regenerative properties, helping create an optimal skin environment full of nutrients and oxygen. It is also anti-inflammatory, resulting in an increased ability of cells to repair themselves. Touted as the miracle healer, Youth Savant acts as the real skinbooster, resulting in more youthful, healthier skin.



Botox might have been made with a toxin, and has been known to freeze faces when too much is injected, doctors have come up with a creative way to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with it. Instead of freezing problematic contractions of muscles causing wrinkles, Microrefine Botox uses very diluted doses of botox all over the skin. These tiny microinjections are injected very superficially into the skin, just enough to soften fine lines and deeper wrinkles. These injections are designed in flattering vectors, which effectively allow the skin to contract in these pre-designed directions, resulting in an overall mini facelift effect with a soft, natural look. Think of sharper jawlines, tighter-looking skin, lifted brows – a more youthful you!





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