This Is How Your Face Is Betraying You

We’ve been told to never judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, we can’t help but do it. The human brain is remarkably brilliant at sizing things up, at the first glance, or some studies say, within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone for the first time. What’s scary really is how the first impression really sticks. Now we have all learnt that we should never jump to conclusions about others, but we all do. Here are some things that people think.



Hands up if people have actually shown you some concern by asking if you had enough sleep last night, even though you had plenty of rest. Most of the time, the eyes are to be blamed. Dark undereye circles in particular are caused by sunken eye hollows which give the malnourished, sleep-deprived look. For most people looking for a quick solution without surgery, lunchtime facial filler procedures such as Revitalift Eye places soft hyaluronic acid fillers under the skin of the lower eyelid, alleviating those pesky shadows immediately. Say bye bye to panda eyes!



Straight or droopy brows. Thin lips which look pursed on neutral expression. A combination of these will probably make it really hard to score at a job interview. A warm and trustworthy face has eyes which look earnest – the eyebrows are lifted, and the corner of the lips are slightly upturned – almost as if a person is smiling on neutral expression. Try a little brow Botox to lift the brows, and natural lip fillers can help lip thinning issues. Some doctors are able to inject lip fillers such that the corners of the mouth can look subtly lifted as well.



Superman had a jawline that looked like it was made of steel. If you have a narrow face and an un-impressive chin, no one is going to really notice you in a room full of people. The cheekbones can be augmented to a natural effect with treatments such as Volume High Definition Lift. Many people think the chin is not important, but have you ever seen a good-looking face without a strong chin? I haven’t. The chin and jawline can be augmented with chin and jawline fillers today, without have to go through painful jaw surgery. Chin envy is real and if you really want to be taken seriously, try these or the Facial Filler Beautification Program instead.

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