Month: July 2019

How To Regain Your Body After Childbirth

Feeling a little “different” about your body even though you have already delivered your little baby? Remember, your postpartum body recovery period isn’t just a few days. Experts say that you should give yourself at least a year to regain your body after childbirth, in fact. Here are 2 of the most common problems women encounter postpartum, and SKIN has some tips on the kind of help you can get if exercise isn’t really helping you regain your pre-pregnancy body shape back satisfactorily.   1. THE STUBBORN BABY BELLY A baby belly might be cute when it was actually housing a baby, but 6 months postpartum and you might get some insensitive looks. Mothers will know that giving birth doesn’t shrink the belly very much, in fact most of us leave the hospital still looking like we are in our second trimester! The uterus takes 6 weeks to shrink, so you will need to wait. At this point, women may start to get worried about the cute belly being here Continue Reading

How To Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery

Who wants to look young forever? While aging is inevitable, there are things you can do to save your skin (literally) from drooping and from wrinkles, at least for another few more years. Here are some of the best treatments to reverse premature signs of aging.   1. THE PLASMA FACELIFT Think of this as the ultimate skin firming treatment you can find, without having to undergo surgery. Neogen Plasma combines heat with cutting edge plasma energy. Known as the fourth state of the matter, plasma energy is converted from nitrogen gas and used to deliver uniform heating to skin for skin tightening benefits.   2. DRY SKIN DRINK UP As we get older, the skin appears dull for a few reasons. One of these would be a reduction in intrinsic hyaluronic acid within our skin, as natural production starts to slow down. Drinking more water will usually be futile, since hyaluronic acid is the chief molecule of water for our skin. Try babydrop fillers, a skin-boosting treatment with tiny Continue Reading

The Hairy Problem About Male Pattern Hair Loss

Unfortunately, approximately 50% of all men over the age of 50 will experience some form of hair loss. So what gives with male pattern hair loss? Is there are cure for it?   1. YOU ARE PROBABLY GONNA GET IT IF THERE ARE OTHER BALD MEN IN YOUR FAMILY Much time, brain power and money have been poured into researching why male pattern baldness occurs. They’ve come to a conclusion – if there are other bald men in your family, baldness will also likely come for you. Most people think that having a bald father increases this risk, but the primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome, so blame Mom too.   2. THE IRONY OF DHT DHT is a derivative of testosterone, and is an important hormone for hair growth in areas of the body. Yes – DHT helps with hair growth normally. But if you have the baldness gene, DHT will bind to receptors in hair follicles on the scalp and cause them to weaken and shrink Continue Reading