How To Get Longer Hair Quickly

If you are like me and have this love-hate relationship with long, Rapunzel-like locks, you would probably have regretted most of the haircuts you’ve gotten and wished you could grow your hair back – fast.

Not to crush your Rapunzel dreams, but hair doesn’t work like that. Trying to grow anything longer than a quarter of an inch within a month would be wishful thinking, in fact. But here’s the great news: you can speed up the process a little, maybe speed it up by another half an inch a month. Here are the top treatments that experts recommend.



These are better for those who do not get balanced diets, or in a stressful period. Our body treats hair like an accessory organ – hair growth gets shut down to redirect nutrients or energy to the organs that need it most.



Some people may not like trialing hair growth vitamins orally and prefer topical hair vitamins instead. Revitascalp is an in-clinic hair restoration “scalp-cial” that provides deep penetration of clinically proven Minoxidil and other hair vitamins into the scalp, which will help reduce any hair loss and increase hair density.



Revage 670 is one of the most reliable hair bio-stimulation lasers. Completely painless, this is an FDA-approved hair restoration low level laser therapy that works to increase nourishment to hair follicles, rejuvenating the scalp. All it takes is 30 minutes once or twice a week. Also expect thicker and fuller hair within 12 sessions (6 weeks, 2 sessions weekly)



When trying to rectify a bad hair cut, it makes sense not to do anything to your hair that will risk damages that will result in an inevitable cut to save the ends. Cutting down on hair curling irons and even hair bleaching sessions will allow healthier strands – longer, stronger, faster.



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