Month: July 2019

Oral Acne Medication Or Acne Treatments: Why Should You Choose?

If you thought acne is only a teenage thing, you are wrong. And while it is easy for your clear skinned friends to brush negative psychosocial effects of acne as “vanity”, anyone suffering from acne will probably be able to attest to the self-esteem issues that this condition brings. If you are like the millions out there who try to figure out their own acne treatments, it can get really overwhelming. There are topicals, oral acne medication and acne laser treatments, which one is best for you? We teach you the approach to beating acne, backed by hard science.   INFLAMMATORY VERSUS NON-INFLAMMATORY ACNE There are probably many terms you’ve probably come across, forget them. Acne can be simply classified as inflammatory, or non-inflammatory. Inflammatory acne are zits that are red and painful, whereas non-inflammatory ones are not, and includes comedones. Bacterial infections are commonly related to inflammatory acne. Some experts believe that all acne is hormonal, and treatment involves reviewing the appearance of cysts, pattern of appearance and other Continue Reading

5 Things You Are Doing That Are Making Your Acne Worse

So you are going through difficult times with your skin and no matter what you do, the zits just don’t go away? Treating acne breakouts can be tricky. Amongst the millions of skincare products the claim to be useful, getting your breakouts to stop could be as simple as revisiting your skincare routine to make sure you are not aggravating the situation instead.   1. YOU ARE APPLYING THE WRONG MAKEUP You might be applying all the right anti-acne products, but one of the biggest letdowns when it comes to treating breakouts is using the wrong makeup. Swap out these for non-comedogenic makeup with far less chances of clogging and infecting those zits. 2. YOU ARE NOT CLEANSING YOUR SKIN CORRECTLY Contact with your cleanser and water is not quite the recommended cleansing routine for skin prone to breakouts, especially if you also apply makeup. Massage your salicylic acid cleanser into your skin for approximately half a minute before rinsing it off thoroughly.   3. YOU ARE APPLYING TOO MANY Continue Reading

This Is How You Are Going To Get A Flatter Tummy

Tired of all the advice that doesn’t do much to flatten the stubborn belly? Try these solid tips. 1. LIMIT YOUR CARB INTAKE Say “yes” to proteins and “less” to refined carbs if you want to tackle stubborn belly fat. Studies have shown that the latter is linked to increased belly fat, while fruits and vegetables were linked to the converse.   2. TAKE PROBIOTICS No one admits that their stubborn tummy bulge is due to poop (and gas), and then realize how much better they look once they’ve had their bowel movements regulated. Try detoxing with Daily Cleanse, an all-natural bowel regulator which helps ensure you are bloat-free.   3. FREEZE AWAY STUBBORN BELLY FAT It’s a misfortunate, but women are more prone to storing fat in some parts of the body. And if you thought stubborn fat is only found in people who do not exercise, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. These unsightly pockets of fat that just refuse to go plaque women who exercise regularly too. Continue Reading

How To Choose Between Botox And Fillers

Some people refer to them like they are the same thing (afterall, both are anti-aging injections), but in reality, they are two very different things. And the line between Botox and fillers become even less distinct, when both can also be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. So what are they exactly, and which one is best for you?   BOTOX Botox injections are anti-wrinkle injections. This is actually a toxin called botulinum toxin, and in very high doses, can be dangerous. But if you are wondering how this can be approved by health authorities worldwide for cosmetic treatments, that is because therapeutic and cosmetic doses used in medicine are really tiny. In aesthetics, Botox is directly injected into specific muscles to intentionally relax them. When these muscles are unable to form its usual tension, the creases or wrinkles they normally cause will also soften or disappear. Other uses of Botox include temporary skin lifting, such as the jawline and neck, jaw muscle slimming, reduce oil production (Microrefine Botox) Continue Reading

How To Get Longer Hair Quickly

If you are like me and have this love-hate relationship with long, Rapunzel-like locks, you would probably have regretted most of the haircuts you’ve gotten and wished you could grow your hair back – fast. Not to crush your Rapunzel dreams, but hair doesn’t work like that. Trying to grow anything longer than a quarter of an inch within a month would be wishful thinking, in fact. But here’s the great news: you can speed up the process a little, maybe speed it up by another half an inch a month. Here are the top treatments that experts recommend.   1. HAIR GROWTH VITAMINS These are better for those who do not get balanced diets, or in a stressful period. Our body treats hair like an accessory organ – hair growth gets shut down to redirect nutrients or energy to the organs that need it most.     Some people may not like trialing hair growth vitamins orally and prefer topical hair vitamins instead. Revitascalp is an in-clinic hair restoration Continue Reading