The New Complexion Uplifter

There is an unexpected benefit of Botox, which is traditionally known for smoothening out wrinkles. Apparently, doctors are using it to treat oily skin, great news for oil slicks!

Botox works by blocking signals from nerves which control muscles, preventing it from contracting fully. Without a full contraction, harsh wrinkles appear more relaxed. Apart from being FDA-approved to treat forehead lines and crow’s feet, it also got approved for hyperhidrosis as well as migraines. And now (albeit still an off-label use), it can be injected to reduce oil production.



Similarly to how Botox restricts the activation of muscles, Botox injected skin-deep (Microrefine Botox) can prevent activation of oil (and sweat), a complexion saver if you are cursed with an oily complexion that makes your face look like an oil pan or if your skin tends to clog or get breakouts.

A diluted dose injected intradermally into the forehead, cheeks, chin and even the nose will do it. It can still paralyse the muscle underneath if the injections are too deep, which is still fine if that happens to the forehead (since it will also smoothen out forehead furrows to some extent), but too much into the cheeks and it can cause a temporary weird expression. A plus – Microrefine Botox can also make pores appear smaller. People with oily skin tend to have larger pores, and by reducing sebum production, it can reduce the appearance of pores by around 20%.

So you can finally ditch those pore-hiding primers and your makeup will last longer too.

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