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We lose hair everyday. During the shower or when we brush our hair, during a careless hair flick. It is normal to lose up to a hundred strands of hair a day, in fact. Physiological hair loss like these is normal because of the normal hair cycle – hair falls and new ones replace it. But there are some conditions that can cause a person’s crowning glory to thin out unnaturally. Conditions such as telogen effluvium or hereditary hair loss such as male or female pattern hair loss.

If your hair is thinning out, don’t panick. Unless there are medical reasons behind the hair loss, or unless you already look like John Malkovich, here are the best ways to save your hair.



Doctors say that this is the first line of defence. Hair growth medicines can be applied directly to the scalp to stimulate hair growth and retard the balding process. Revitascalp is a gentle and revitalizing hair message that infuses Minoxidil into the scalp, improving its uptake.



Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) for thinning hair is not new. These lasers emit painless light in a specific wavelength, and the theory is that when it is applied for a sufficient amount of time, it amounts to an effect on the body. Photobiomodulation in the scalp occurs when changes brought on by phototherapy results in biological effects.

There are home devices that you can wear, such as laser caps (hair growth helmuts) or energy-emitting combs. But if you are serious about growing back your hair, the gold standard hair laser device is the Revage 670.


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A seriously cool breakthrough in hair regeneration, this is not a hair transplant surgery, but a new medical hair restoration treatment. Kera-Clone improves hair counts and hair density by stimulating hair growth in areas of thinning using one’s own follicular units, rather like using an organic fertilizer for your dying planter. It is suitable for androgenetic alopecia or pattern hair loss. This treatment is a good alternative for those who develop reactions or scalp irritation to Minoxidil or are not keen on oral medications (due to possible side effects).

It is recommended that patients continue with another hair loss treatment such as Revage following Kera-Clone (Full Potential Program). Borrowing our previous dying planter analogy, it’s rather like giving the plants some sunlight after you have fertilized it! Not quite cheap like a hair blowout at the salon (but then again, some salon hair treatment packages can cost thousands!) but a really good alternative unless you need a (much more expensive) hair transplant.


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