How To Banish Dark Eye Circles

Ever wondered why dark eye circles plague you like a persistent ex, even when you try to be virtuous with ample sleep? Well, if you think about it, we blink a whopping 28,000 times a day. Women also apply eye makeup, and tug and pull the delicate skin around the eyes to remove it daily. We don’t learn about caring for our eyelids until fine lines and wrinkles appear, or when they start to droop – too late.



The tear trough is an under-recognized cause of perpetually tired-looking eyes. An anatomical issue rather than a true dark circle, this common depression lies below the inner corner of the lower eyelids, casting a dark shadow. This hollowing often worsens with age due to volume depletion and loss of skin’s elasticity.

If the cause of your dark underye circles is the tear trough, placement of natural tear trough fillers will correct those age-piling sunken undereye hollows instantly.




Skin allergies, frequent eye rubbing, sun damage can contribute to hyperpigmentation around the eyelids. Avoid skincare that irritate the eyelids, as redness and inflammation can cause subsequent skin darkening. Protect your delicate peepers with sunscreen daily and try an eyecream with vitamin A to illuminate the skin, such as SW1 Shop’s Dream Cream.

Hyperpigmentation can also be treated with gentle lasers, such as Quattro Toning Undereye, which uses a picosecond laser to lightly break pigments up into tiny fragments for easy removal by the body naturally later.



Loose, crepey skin with obvious fine lines can worsen a pigmentation or tear trough problem. Try Miracle Eye Reviver Program, a dedicated series of treatments consisting of SmartX Lite Eyes and Neogen Plasma Eyelift to tighten, tone and brighten listless lids all at the same time.

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