Best Lifting Treatments For The Face

I saw one of those aging time-lapse videos and it was horrifying to watch a face age instantly over 30 seconds. But the truth is, that’s a playback of what happens in actual life and everyone will get wrinkles and our skin will eventually sag.

If you’ve approached your 40s with care, chances are you are still looking pretty good. But for the rest of us who never used sunscreens from a young age, the cumulative effects of sun exposure and age might have resulted in wrinkles and a loss of collagen, resulting in a gradually drooping face. Whatever the case, do not wait till your 50s to start on skin tightening treatments, because it will probably be too late. The earlier you start skin tightening treatments, the younger you will look in later years to come.



Ultherapy is the secret of many V-shaped faces around. This FDA-approved treatment uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to stimulate new collagen in the deep supporting structures of the skin, effectively inverting the sagging U-shaped face back to a youthful “V”. What’s more amazing is this is a completely non-invasive treatment which results in a natural-looking lift without any downtime. Expect results in approximately 3 to 6 months after a treatment.



Fine lines and crepey skin are obstacles to smooth skin and can cause skin to look dull, apart from obviously looking older. A high energy radiofrequency treatment such as Thermage heats up the deep skin tissue and stimulates production of subdermal collagen, without damaging the outermost later. This mechanism of firming makes it suitable for areas of thinner skin as well, such as the eyes (Thermage Eyes) and the neck.



What happens when we combine good old-fashioned heat with cutting-edge plasma technology? Neogen Face uses plasma energy, described as the fourth state of matter, which is converted from nitrogen gas. The plasma energy that results is used to rejuvenate skin from within, by uniformed bulk heating. Plasma energy is colourblind, so it is also safe for persons of darker skin types. Neogen can be used to tighten skin on the face, as well as the eyes (Neogen Plasma Eyelift) and the neck. This treatment also infuses the skin with maximum hydration, resulting in a certain glow every time!





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