The Plasma Eye Lift

Many people want youthful, firm skin around their eyes, but not many are willing to put themselves through surgery for that eye lift. But as long as there is the understanding that for many cases of these lid droopiness, something needs to be done, it’s already a good start.

Apparently, there are treatments that can tighten periorbital skin that don’t require needles, or burn a hole through your wallet. One of these newest non-invasive treatments is the Neogen Plasma Eyelift.

Traditional lasers and light-based technologies require a chromophore such as pigment, blood or water to work. Neogen provides a controlled, uniform heating across the whole skin without damaging the outermost layers. Deep dermal heating is achieved with this treatment, which we know stimulates collagen production, and at the same time, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firming skin from the inside out.

With the Neogen, plasma energy is the key. Touted as the fourth state of matter, plasma energy is converted from nitrogen gas and delivered in controlled, painless pulses to the skin. The results are comparative to a full ablative treatment but unlike the latter, the Neogen Plasma Eyelift does not create any open wounds or charring! Instead it delivers uniform energy throughout the lid architecture, stimulating a natural, physiology age-reversing response.


Seeing is believing for this one!




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