How To Get Runway-Ready Skin

Have an important event and you need to make sure your skin is at its best? Here are red carpet skin prep tricks – straight from the (supermodel) runway.

1. Plan Ahead

It should be of no surprise that being prepared is the name of the game when you are going to have a big night.

Calm and soothe the skin with the Full Bloom Program at least 4 weeks before the big event. Using the 2 different wavelengths from the Sciton BBL (broadband light), this reduces inflammation, redness and blemishes. Additionally, the Skintyte infra-red light sculpts and depuffs the face. The program includes aquadermabrasion which gently exfoliates and preps your skin and ends with bursts of pure oxygen for a much-needed detox and revival.


2. Performance Skincare

You want your makeup artist to have more time for creativity rather than concealing. This means making sure your skin is well-prepped beforehand. Try a gentle chemical exfoliation to reveal the inner glow, such as the Milk Peel, which softens and brightens the skin by removing unwanted dead skin cells on the surface.


3. Recreate the Glow

2 weeks beforehand, start a simple bedtime routine daily. Maintain hydrated skin with the Water Infusion Mask, which is soaked in highly concentrated hydro-ionized mineral water and hyaluronic acid to maximally replenish, soften and awaken tired skin. Do not neglect the neck – at the same time, put on the Marvel Neck Drape, a transformative mask saturated with collagen essence to brighten and smoothen wrinkles on the neck.

Marvel Neck Drape. Available at the SW1 Shop.


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