5 Ways Botox Can Help You Avoid Cosmetic Surgery

When Botox was first introduced, everyone knew what it did, but just that no one likes to talk about it. Almost 2 decades later, Botox remains one of the most commonly done non-invasive cosmetic procedures today. Age prevention is now only one of the ways Botox is used. Expanding the dialogue of its growing list of uses, here are 5 ways Botox can help you avoid going under the knife:

1. Relax a gummy smile

The dental people refer to this as “excessive gingival display”. Too much showing of the gum tissue above the top teeth makes people feel more self-conscious of their smile. Excess gum tissue can of course be removed (ouch), or you can opt for Botox injections to help relax the lip for a balanced grin. This is a quick fix, and is also relatively affordable, with each treatment lasting approximately 3 to 6 months.

2. Brow lift

Botox can do more than just smoothen your forehead furrows. Botox browlift or brow botox refers to allows you to tweak the shape of your brow, whether it is to create more of an arch or to lift the tail of the brow. Because botox effectively paralyses muscles and there is a delicate push-pull action of muscles of the face, the botox browlift creates an imbalance of this activity on purpose so they lift or depress more at selected points.

3. Jawline lift

Also referred to as the “Nefertiti Neck Lift”, this procedure relaxes downward pulling muscles of the neck, resulting in a more angular and defined jawline.

4. Jaw Slimming

Chronic grinding of teeth can cause hypertrophy of the jaw muscles, resulting in a wide jawline. Botox injections into the jaw muscles will reduce their activity and shrink the muscle, resulting in a more V-shaped jawline. Results last approximately 6 months per treatment. Find out more here.


5. Lip Flip

Lip fillers are not the only way to get Kylie Jenner’s sexy pout. Botox microinjections can be done along the upper lip to evert it slightly, resulting in a natural plumping effect. This requires technique though, so look for an injector you can trust!

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