3 Smart Treatments That Will Save Your Hair

Hair loss is more common than most people think, with research showing that a third of all women will face some hair loss issues at some point in their lives. For men, by the age of 35, two thirds will experience some degree of hair loss and by the age of 50, a whopping 85 percent will have significantly thinning hair!

Whether you are at the start or right in the middle of it, here are 3 smart treatments that will help save your hair.


1. Hair Topicals

If the issue right now is less of a thinning problem but more of a frizzy and damaged hair concern, tame your Tina Turner mane with hair topicals. Try hair fillers and botox to give you smoother, straighter more healthy-looking hair. Rest assured that there are no needles or actual botox involved – in fact it is completely non-invasive and rather like applying hair serum. But the idea is similar – like botox and fillers for the face designed to remove facial wrinkles and to achieve a smoother-looking complexion, hair fillers and botox contain active ingredients that nourishes and fixes damaged hair, so that your mane appears silky smooth.


2. Hair Follicle Biostimulation with Revage 670 Hair Laser

Not quite like the lasers that ablate or vaporize skin, this hair laser is completely painless and a pleasure to do. Using photobiostimulation push to your “sleeping” hair follicles into the growing phase, 30 laser diodes rotate 180 degrees around the scalp, emitting painless laser energy in the 670nm hair-stimulating wavelength, encouraging blood flow to nourish poor thinning hair follicles, pushing them into the active growing anagen phase and encourages growth of thicker, healthier hair shafts. 30 minutes is all you need each time and if the hair thinning is more than mild, doctors suggest starting off a proper course with 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks. The Revage 670 Hair Laser is found in the Keramax Scalp Program.


3. Kera-Clone

If you are definitely balding, kera-Clone is a new treatment that creates a viable environment for hair follicles to grow. Using a special technique that borrows from your own follicular hair units, think of it as putting fertilizers into your dying planter. Unless you have put things off a little too late, expect hair miniaturization to reduce over the next 6 to 12 months. Kera-Clone is found in the Full Potential Program.

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