The DNA Facelift

The SW1 Clinic has a new toy in its arsenal. Armed with a tiny tiny needle, this microinjection is touted the latest facelift, except it isn’t the real facelift and has no knives or sutures involved at all.

Youth Savant is DNA extract therapy. It contains polynucleotides from purified salmon DNA. Best known for its healing and regenerative properties for anyone who wants better skin, it is delivered via microinjections into the dermis, revitalizing skin and drastically improving skin health holistically.

Youth Savant revives aging skin via several processes:

  1. Regeneration. It makes new blood vessels which provides oxygen and nutrients for cells to repair and regenerate.
  2. Stops Inflammation. It reduces inflammation which normally causes cells to die by apoptosis or programmed cell death, so cells can repair themselves – this is also why Youth Savant has been shown to reduce scars.
  3. Teaches your skin to build more collagen. Fibroblasts create collagen in the skin and this restores elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Teaches your skin repair itself. Youth Savant PNs provides the building blocks for DNA synthesis and this allows damaged cells to repair themselves.

This is a miracle healer which acts as a DNA boost for aging skin. Putting structural units of DNA into skin cleverly provides building blocks to the skin for DNA synthesis. This restoration process results in firm, thicker and more hydrated skin.

Pain Factor And Downtime

Because it is delivered via microinjections, there will be some sensation, to say the least. But rest assured that topical numbing alone will alleviate most of the discomfort. There isn’t really much downtime since this is not a filler and doesn’t cause any lumps. Expect the possibility of bruises, although unlikely, as long as you don’t drink any alcohol at least 2 days prior to the procedure.

The DNA Facelift is perhaps the future of anti-aging treatments. The medical aesthetic industry is moving towards a self-healing model of skin rejuvenation, and what can be more exciting than looking like yourself – natural, but only younger, as you get older?


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