Reverse Aging Is In Trend Now

I heard of something ridiculous, which is actually not– standing at the top of the staircase will make you age faster, than you do standing on the floor below, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity. The explanation was that gravity slows down or dilates time. While scientists have said this is not quite the key to youth, this is encouraging – one could live in the mountains and be less old.



Unfortunately, few of us live at gravity-defying heights. Cosmetically speaking, this new age of non-invasive, age and gravity-defying skin treatments then make a lot of sense. The key of today’s anti-aging efforts is to slow down the process of skin aging, rather than have a surgeon go snip snip and pull your skin towards your scalp when it’s all too late.

That is why treatments such as the Trinity Facelift is a hit with so many. Women are seeking preventive measures (from looking deflated and saggy), they start non-invasive skin tightening measures early. Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved non-invasive device for skin lifting. Using high intensity focused ultrasound, this treatment stimulates a natural healing response which generates collagen. What’s amazing about this treatment is it dives deep (4.5mm) to treat the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), a reservoir of collagen (our youth molecule) and teases its growth and release. A firming and skin lifting effect can then be observed gradually over the following 6 months. Radiofrequency devices such as Thermage also induce tissue remodeling, producing new collagen. These work a little less deep and stimulate subdermal collagen, providing a “ironing” effect. The combined effect of this multi-depth protocol results in a natural facelifting and skin smoothening effect.



For those desiring more lifting results, facial threads may work better. In a procedure such as the Infinity V-Lift, biodissolvable threads made of the same material as surgical sutures are passed beneath the skin in facial shape flattering vectors. These facial threads have micro barbs along their lengths, effectively suspending droopy skin to a more youthful position.

Usually, this can be designed to produce a secondary volumizing effect of the cheeks and softening nasolabial lines, reproducing subtly plump cheeks characteristic of youth.

While the Trinity Facelift almost never produces downtime, expect mild swelling for about 3 days post threadlift – manageable, compared to the surgical facelift.

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