Month: March 2019

The DNA Facelift

The SW1 Clinic has a new toy in its arsenal. Armed with a tiny tiny needle, this microinjection is touted the latest facelift, except it isn’t the real facelift and has no knives or sutures involved at all. Youth Savant is DNA extract therapy. It contains polynucleotides from purified salmon DNA. Best known for its healing and regenerative properties for anyone who wants better skin, it is delivered via microinjections into the dermis, revitalizing skin and drastically improving skin health holistically. Youth Savant revives aging skin via several processes: Regeneration. It makes new blood vessels which provides oxygen and nutrients for cells to repair and regenerate. Stops Inflammation. It reduces inflammation which normally causes cells to die by apoptosis or programmed cell death, so cells can repair themselves – this is also why Youth Savant has been shown to reduce scars. Teaches your skin to build more collagen. Fibroblasts create collagen in the skin and this restores elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles Teaches your skin repair itself. Youth Savant Continue Reading

Unusual Fixes That Are Changing The Outlook For Stretchmarks

9 out of 10 women will get stretch marks over their lifetime. A staggering ninety percent. Stretch marks occur when the skin is pulled by rapid gowth or stretching. The abrupt change causes collagen and elastin in the skin to rupture, resulting in stretch marks. Stretch marks are more likely to occur during Growth spurts during puberty Pregnancy Rapid weight gain or loss Some people may be genetically blessed and never get a single stretch mark their entire lives, most of us will probably have to find a way to deal with it. If you have these shiny marks that snake across parts of your body – know that these aren’t necessarily a life sentence.   Stretch Mark Creams, Lotions and Gels Frankly, no product probably works for everyone. But if you want to try these, here are some tips. – Use it early, when the stretch marks are still coloured. At this stage, stretch marks are more receptive to treatments. – Massage the product into the stretch marks – Continue Reading

Are Your Botox Injections Safe?

Botulinum toxin Type A/B injections are one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed worldwide. A cosmetic star that quickly rose to popularity in the early 2000s, this is the anti-wrinkle injection well-loved and endorsed by celebrities, used by thousands of men and women to starve off the visual effects of aging. However, Botox allegedly causes rare but serious complications, including death. Recently, a young woman died after allegedly receiving cosmetic Botox injections in Singapore. While it is not clear at the time of writing this article what treatments the lady received exactly, and until clarifications can be made officially, should you be going for Botox again?   HOW DOCTORS ARE ADMINISTERING BOTOX NOW There is no doubt that despite reports of these serious complications, cosmetic injections of Botox have a remarkably safe history. In case you weren’t aware, what worries people is that Botox is actually derived from a toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum, the same toxin that causes botulism, a form of life-threatening food-poisoning. Botox injections work by Continue Reading

Reverse Aging Is In Trend Now

I heard of something ridiculous, which is actually not– standing at the top of the staircase will make you age faster, than you do standing on the floor below, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity. The explanation was that gravity slows down or dilates time. While scientists have said this is not quite the key to youth, this is encouraging – one could live in the mountains and be less old.   PREVENTION WILL PRESERVE YOUR LOOKS, NOT REGRET Unfortunately, few of us live at gravity-defying heights. Cosmetically speaking, this new age of non-invasive, age and gravity-defying skin treatments then make a lot of sense. The key of today’s anti-aging efforts is to slow down the process of skin aging, rather than have a surgeon go snip snip and pull your skin towards your scalp when it’s all too late. That is why treatments such as the Trinity Facelift is a hit with so many. Women are seeking preventive measures (from looking deflated and saggy), they start non-invasive skin tightening Continue Reading

The Plasma Facelift

Traditional lasers and light-based technologies require a chromophore such as pigment, blood or water to work. Neogen PSR provides a controlled, uniform heating across the whole skin architecture. This is also touted a skin brightening treatment, reversing skin discolouration as well as more pesky issues such as actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis and even acne scarring. Higher settings can be used to provide deep dermal heating, achieving an anti-aging effect, firming skin from the inside out. HOW NEOGEN PSR WORKS Using nitrogen gas, Neogen Plasma delivers a unique, controlled heating to the entire skin which allows for complete non-ablative resurfacing of the skin. The skin’s response to this is stimulation of new elastin and collagen fibers, resulting in a skin firming/tightening effect. A treatment that can be performed on the entire face, the eyelids and the neck. Since this is a “colourless” treatment, it can safely be performed even in darker skin types. Neogen can be used for the entire face, and more delicate skin around the eyes and even the Continue Reading