What Men Want For The Face Today

The world of cosmetic treatments may still largely belong to females, but statistics show that more men are starting to look into minor cosmetic “tweakments” and are more open than before to having a little work done on their faces.

“It’s no secret that more and more men want to look good for their age”, says Dr Kenneth Lee. Indeed, unlike females who tend to prefer to look younger, men today tend to seek a few refinements that make them more attractive-looking, especially in the competitive workplace. Here are the top male aesthetic treatments men seek.

1. Case of The Disappearing Jawline

Losing the crispness of a once demanding jawline can show a man’s age like nothing else. One of the most requested lower face “tweakments” today, as you might have already guessed is to get rid of double chin fat. Thankfully, there are now easier ways apart from going under the knife, such as Lipodissolve, which reduces fat rather effectively with just a few minor injections. To build up a chiseled jawline, hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to add weight and balance for a more masculine face.

2. The Benjamin Button Revolution

Zero wrinkles are for boys. Women find men with some wrinkles more attractive actually. Lines on a man’s face convey a certain look of wisdom, stability and success. But deep wrinkles may make one look older than his age. Strike a balance with Botox microinjections, using small aliquots of Botox to gently relax the strongest offending muscles without freezing expression.

3. Super Exfoliators

A scar or two from a daring ski or bike accident will probably look attractive, but men today are conscious about their complexion. While it doesn’t necessarily need to be dewy-looking for most males, they’d like it to be clear. Try Retinol Peel, a vitamin A-derived exfoliation designed to reduce breakouts, smoothen fine lines and gets rid dead skin cells to revive tired and dull complexions. For more dramatic results, Pico Smooth uses state-of-the-art picosecond lasers to level out acne scars and minimize pores quite significantly. Redness and obvious vessels on the face can be toned down effectively with VBeam, a pulsed dye laser without downtime.


4. Hair Loss Fighters

Some men embrace baldness. But most do not. Hair thinning and hair loss affect one’s self-esteem negatively, and many men would rather fight an imperfect complexion than to face a balding scalp. Unless you are like Jean-Luc Picard and have left it too late, there are preventive treatments that have shown promise, way before a hair transplant should be considered.

The Hair Clinic of SW1 includes a comprehensive list of non-invasive hair treatments for the follicularly challenged. Keramax Scalp Program is an intensive 12-session hair strengthening program that aims to reduce hair miniaturization and strengthen existing hair follicles with Revitascalp and Revage 670. For those with moderately severe balding may consider Kera-Clone, a method of using one’s own hair follicles to halt hair loss.


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