The Chinese New Year Edit – Facial Features To Examine For Good Luck

This Chinese New Year, SKIN tells you which features to check to ensure a smooth-sailing and prosperous year.


Round and Bright Forehead

The Chinese believe that the forehead signifies Heaven, and if this area is clean, clear, well-defined, a person will have a good start in life.

Needless to say, scars and pigmentation on the forehead will not bode well for the future, and certain (specific) lines on the forehead could mean misfortune. A perfect forehead is of course rare but in general, a wide and high forehead is auspicious and suggests intelligence and good fortune.

Soften obviously etched lines and scars with Botox microinjections, and look for treatments such as gentle lasers that will lighten or get rid of pigmentation (pico pigment laser) and scars. Moles should not be in the center of the forehead and these should be removed (carefully!)


The Pearl Lip And The Lotus Mouth

Pearls are considered gems of social class and prestige to the Chinese, hence the Chinese consider the fleshy protrusion at the middle of the upper lip – termed “pearl of the lip” is highly coveted and suggests a strong, innate ability of speech, a gift associated with prosperity in life.

Try hyaluronic acid lip fillers to reshape lips and augment the “phoenix pearl” at the same time. Keep the lips moist by either drinking heaps of water, or if you have trouble with soothing dry, chapped lips, try Revitalift Lips, a subtle treatment with watery soft hyaluronic acid fillers designed to hydrate lips with a very subtle pout.


Plump Cheekbones

The center section of the face predicts wealth. Cheeks should be fleshy and not look sunken or bony. Pink and luminous cheeks are indicators of good fortune.

Try Volume High Definition Lift, where hyaluronic acid fillers are placed to optimize the curvature of the cheeks. A note of caution, go subtle instead of piling in on to avoid looking pillow-faced – you can always add more fillers as you go along.


A Strong Chin

A prominent chin that is slightly protruding and fleshy-looking is auspicious.

Try chin fillers, a quick, lunchtime procedure which frames the lower face instantly, making up a “strong base” for the face.




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