Month: February 2019

What Men Want For The Face Today

The world of cosmetic treatments may still largely belong to females, but statistics show that more men are starting to look into minor cosmetic “tweakments” and are more open than before to having a little work done on their faces. “It’s no secret that more and more men want to look good for their age”, says Dr Kenneth Lee. Indeed, unlike females who tend to prefer to look younger, men today tend to seek a few refinements that make them more attractive-looking, especially in the competitive workplace. Here are the top male aesthetic treatments men seek. 1. Case of The Disappearing Jawline Losing the crispness of a once demanding jawline can show a man’s age like nothing else. One of the most requested lower face “tweakments” today, as you might have already guessed is to get rid of double chin fat. Thankfully, there are now easier ways apart from going under the knife, such as Lipodissolve, which reduces fat rather effectively with just a few minor injections. To build up Continue Reading

4 Things To Do To Save Your Neck

Sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck is a universal cosmetic problem. Like taxes, it affects all of us. An aging neck is one of the top complaints in those aged above 40. Luckily, unlike taxes, there are safe and legitimate ways to save your neck.   1. Botox Neck Lifting Known as the Nefertiti Lift, this technique relaxes the platysma muscle of the neck, allowing the opposing facial elevator muscles to be more active, resulting in a more lifted and contoured jawline. Expect less obvious jowls and a more defined jawline with this quick fix. A Nefertiti lift lasts between 3 to 6 months on average. While it is not permanent, the procedure is really effective and easy, so most people would go for it at least once or twice a year.   2. Non-invasive skin tightening Have you noticed your skin droop but feel that a surgical facelift for it would be an overkill? Or if you would rather try something completely non-invasive, try Trinity Facelift, a program Continue Reading

The Age To Start Botox

In South Korea, people actually go for plastic surgery earlier rather than later – the theory is you get to enjoy your facial “tweakments” for more years when you do it really early. That’s acceptable, although maybe the rest of Asia (or the world) may not be as open-minded when it comes to permanently altering one’s features, even if it eventually makes one much more attractive-looking permanently, but we are getting there. People are more proactive about small, non-invasive injectable treatments than before. So if you are worried about a few lines that have started to show and wondering if you are too young for Botox, you are not alone. But how young is too young? Contrary to what people think, there is no magic number doctors work on. Instead, the decision to botox is based on the appearance of your skin, how strong your muscles are, and some lifestyle factors. Here’s how to tell if when you might need it.   There are no signs of expression lines at Continue Reading

Trending Now: The Skin Program That Cures Acne

We’ve all had our fair share of zits in our teens, but admit it, having acne isn’t fun, especially when you are well past your teens and feel you shouldn’t be suffering from this embarrassing issue any longer. Everyone’s skin is a little different, and more often than not, it takes more than one single treatment or treatment type to get a good result. Here are a few highly effective solutions to rid yourself of acne.   VBEAM PERFECTA Inflamed acne consists of swelling, redness, and pores that are deeply clogged with bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells. Sometimes, bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) can cause inflamed acne, too. Inflamed acne can present as tender red bumps under the skin that may worsen when you try to extract the pimples yourself.  Firstly, hands off lest you aggravate the situation further. Inflamed acne may result in skin sensitivity and redness which potentially worsens the overall facial appearance. The best skin treatment for this type of stubborn lesions is a pulsed Continue Reading

The Chinese New Year Edit – Facial Features To Examine For Good Luck

This Chinese New Year, SKIN tells you which features to check to ensure a smooth-sailing and prosperous year.   Round and Bright Forehead The Chinese believe that the forehead signifies Heaven, and if this area is clean, clear, well-defined, a person will have a good start in life. Needless to say, scars and pigmentation on the forehead will not bode well for the future, and certain (specific) lines on the forehead could mean misfortune. A perfect forehead is of course rare but in general, a wide and high forehead is auspicious and suggests intelligence and good fortune. Soften obviously etched lines and scars with Botox microinjections, and look for treatments such as gentle lasers that will lighten or get rid of pigmentation (pico pigment laser) and scars. Moles should not be in the center of the forehead and these should be removed (carefully!)   The Pearl Lip And The Lotus Mouth Pearls are considered gems of social class and prestige to the Chinese, hence the Chinese consider the fleshy protrusion Continue Reading