Little On Time, Big On Results – All The Knife-Free Beauty Alternatives To Surgery

I caught up with a friend recently over dinner, and was fascinated to find her face visibly “upgraded”. Apparently, surgical facelifts are hardly done anymore, and the medical aesthetic industry has started a revolution of non-invasive facial and skin rejuvenation treatments, a few of which my friend has tried. The best thing about these treatments is that there is usually very little or no downtime at all, and you still look like you, just more polished and more airbrushed.

Here are the knife-free alternatives to surgery that will keep your skin looking incredible.


Problem: Droopy brows

Surgical Option: Surgical Browlift

Alternative Fix: Botox Browlift

Typical injection points for Botox browlift.

Although usually caused by aging, not everyone who has a droopy brow is a victim of it due to aging. Some have genetically low brows and/or droopy eyelids. Regardless, sagging skin around the brows and eyelids make often makes one look older. Worse, severe droopy brows can partially cover one’s vision (hooding). While a surgical brow lift offers dramatic results, some may find it invasive. Consider a Botox browlift instead. Miniscule doses of botox are placed strategically near the brow bone (and sometimes on the forehead) will help elevate the brows, improving the appearance. Botox brow lift lasts approximately 3 to 4 months on average.


Problem: Disappearing or sagging jawline

Surgical Option: Surgical Facelift

Alternative Fix: Trinity Facelift or Threadlift

At the stage of your life where you have definitely noticed a less defined jawline, or stronger smile lines, but not quite severe enough to enquire about a surgical facelift? For milder changes, prevention is the key. Try the Trinity Facelift for a natural-looking 3D skin tightening and lifting effect with non-invasive high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) such as Ultherapy and radiofrequency Thermage. For more noticeably disappearing jawlines or jowls, a threadlift will instantly sharpen the facial visage, using fine, biodegradable threads.


Problem: Under-projected nose bridge

Surgical Option: Nasal Bridge Implant/Rhinoplasty

Alternative Fix: 3D Nose Lift

The bulbous, flatter nose commonly seen in some parts of Asia can be improved fairly easily before you decide if you are up for the surgical nose job. Fine nose threads are inserted from the tip of the nose to augment the nose bridge, instantly giving it height and definition. While it doesn’t actually change the size of the nostrils or narrow the base of the nose, the new lift often gives the appearance of a more slender nose.


Problem: Recessive chin

Surgical Option: Chin implant or jawline surgery

Alternative Fix: Chin/jawline fillers

Did you know that aging not only affects the skin but also causes bony resorption of our facial bones? Instead of a chin implant or the notoriously painful jaw surgery, fix a receding chin with chin fillers, a lunchtime procedure which will instantly augment a small or short chin, without downtime.

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