Month: February 2019

Is This Vitamin The Secret To Smoother Skin?

Doctors say that Vitamin A is fast becoming an essential to feed your skin in order to get a beautiful glow. Here are some of the reasons why this multi-tasking ingredient is a must-have for anyone dreaming of a clear and smoother complexion: Penetrates deeply to stimulate fibroblasts – cells that produce collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unclogs pores, reduces oil production and therefore reduces acne Exfoliates and increases skin cell turnover, evening out skin tone Lightens sun damage and pigmentation   Are All Vitamin A Formulas Made The Same? For anyone confused by the abundance of Vitamin A products available off the shelf, there are basically 3 retinoids (the umbrella term for Vitamin A products) that we really care about. RETINOIC ACID – this is usually found in prescription formulas and has a direct biological effect on the skin – the vital ingredient that fights aging visibly. This is the active ingredient used in tretinoin creams available through prescription only to treat acne. These prescription-strength Continue Reading

Unmasking Melasma – Is there a cure for it?

Melasma is a facial condition that causes brown patches of hyperpigmentation on the skin. It usually appears on the cheeks, across the forehead and upper lip, or can appear in single patches. Commonly associated with hormonal factors, it can occur during pregnancy, during hormone replacement therapy. Causes of melasma appear to include a genetic predisposition, sun exposure (anything from decades ago to your most recent sun tanning session), hormonal changes, certain medication and medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. It is much more common in women, but can also appear in men. “Unfortunately, melasma is notoriously difficult to treat, since it is triggered by hormones and by the sun”, says Dr Michelle Lim.   FIGHTING MELASMA The first step to treating melasma would be to see your skin doctor and have your hyperpigmentation looked at. Then exacerbating factors such as medication can be looked at, recommends Dr Michelle. She always prescribes a no-sun therapy – i.e. a strict sunscreen regimen. While both chemical and physical/mineral sunscreens are effective for normal skin, Continue Reading

What Men Want For The Face Today

The world of cosmetic treatments may still largely belong to females, but statistics show that more men are starting to look into minor cosmetic “tweakments” and are more open than before to having a little work done on their faces. “It’s no secret that more and more men want to look good for their age”, says Dr Kenneth Lee. Indeed, unlike females who tend to prefer to look younger, men today tend to seek a few refinements that make them more attractive-looking, especially in the competitive workplace. Here are the top male aesthetic treatments men seek. 1. Case of The Disappearing Jawline Losing the crispness of a once demanding jawline can show a man’s age like nothing else. One of the most requested lower face “tweakments” today, as you might have already guessed is to get rid of double chin fat. Thankfully, there are now easier ways apart from going under the knife, such as Lipodissolve, which reduces fat rather effectively with just a few minor injections. To build up Continue Reading

4 Things To Do To Save Your Neck

Sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck is a universal cosmetic problem. Like taxes, it affects all of us. An aging neck is one of the top complaints in those aged above 40. Luckily, unlike taxes, there are safe and legitimate ways to save your neck.   1. Botox Neck Lifting Known as the Nefertiti Lift, this technique relaxes the platysma muscle of the neck, allowing the opposing facial elevator muscles to be more active, resulting in a more lifted and contoured jawline. Expect less obvious jowls and a more defined jawline with this quick fix. A Nefertiti lift lasts between 3 to 6 months on average. While it is not permanent, the procedure is really effective and easy, so most people would go for it at least once or twice a year.   2. Non-invasive skin tightening Have you noticed your skin droop but feel that a surgical facelift for it would be an overkill? Or if you would rather try something completely non-invasive, try Trinity Facelift, a program Continue Reading

The Age To Start Botox

In South Korea, people actually go for plastic surgery earlier rather than later – the theory is you get to enjoy your facial “tweakments” for more years when you do it really early. That’s acceptable, although maybe the rest of Asia (or the world) may not be as open-minded when it comes to permanently altering one’s features, even if it eventually makes one much more attractive-looking permanently, but we are getting there. People are more proactive about small, non-invasive injectable treatments than before. So if you are worried about a few lines that have started to show and wondering if you are too young for Botox, you are not alone. But how young is too young? Contrary to what people think, there is no magic number doctors work on. Instead, the decision to botox is based on the appearance of your skin, how strong your muscles are, and some lifestyle factors. Here’s how to tell if when you might need it.   There are no signs of expression lines at Continue Reading