The New Forehead Beautification Uncovered

High foreheads were once considered a sign of beauty, and ladies back in the Renaissance were rumoured to have plucked their hairlines to achieve the effect.

The forehead is probably one of the most understated features of beauty and it was only after a little “education” that I understood why this feature was important in determining one’s attractiveness.

Has anyone wondered why we find babies exceedingly cute? According to research, our brains are hardwired for identifying cuteness – and we have a natural, disarmed attraction for people we find attractive or cute.

Accordingly, cute features of babies include a large head relative to body size, large eyes relative to the face, round cheeks, and not surprisingly, a large and protruding forehead is also a criteria for cuteness.


In women, a curved, smooth and round forehead which reflects light is feminine and attractive. On the contrary, a woman with a flat forehead, or have bony protrusions on the brows or areas of concavity on the forehead will look more masculine.


If you thought round and high foreheads were invented by the Koreans, you are wrong. It appears that many of the world’s most famous models already have perfect, curved, smooth foreheads that are approximately 1/3 of their faces.



The invention of hyaluronic acid fillers of varying firmness and longevities has basically revolutionized the beauty industry. Beautiphication of the forehead was no longer limited to the more traditional surgical routes or permanent silicon injections fraught with risks.

According to Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of the SW1 Clinic, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are basically comprised on hyaluronic acid molecules which are cross-linked, a chemical binding process that allows the gel to last much longer once injected inside facial tissue. HA fillers are extremely safe and if the cosmetic results are not desirable at any point after the treatment, they can be easily dissolved. HA forehead fillers can be injected to plump up the forehead slightly in general, or to mask concavities in order to feminize the forehead.

If you have flat or concave temples, consider temple filler injections. Full temples is a sign of femininity and youth. To avoid lumpiness and side effects, Dr Low advises our readers to find an experienced doctor to perform these injections.

An alternative to fillers is fat transfer, where your own fat is harvested from elsewhere in your body and then purified. These are then injected into the forehead and/or temples. According to Dr Chia Hui Ling, Consultant Plastic Surgeon of the SW1 Clinic, the latest innovations in fat transfer has seen better rejuvenation results and long term survival of the grafted fat. This increasingly popular treatment is a hit for people who wish to reduce fat in some areas and restore baby fat to their faces.

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