The Latest No-Frills Facials To Try

I have a love-hate relationship with facials. I love how facials can instantly freshen my skin, and help me clean out the gunk I never knew existed in my pores. Once I tried an oxygen facial and I was blown away with my skin’s ability to actually look luminous. But my main gripe about facials though, is how long some of these can take.


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Busy individuals want to freshen themselves up in a jiffy, and express facials are also a big hit for those who want to take a quick break from the manic schedules for quick skin fixes. Regular facials often take about 90 minutes (or more) and cost as much as five or six hundred dollars, whereas the shortened versions typically cost half (or less) and take half the time.

Not that these express facials are any less in substance in terms of cleaning – in general, they just rate a little less on the pampering scale but these do what you need them to do – spruce your skin up for another (rough) week or two in the city.


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Here comes my dilemma. No-frills doesn’t exactly work for me either. I want a facial that’s less than 90 minutes, but I am not willing to trade comfort for shortened time. Some people understand the demand for such services, such as Dr Low Chai Ling and her husband Dr Kenneth Lee, founders of the SW1 Clinic, one of the largest medical and plastic surgery establishments in Singapore.

Thanks to their innovative thinking, urbanites who work in our central business district now have access to SW1 Spa services at OUE Downtown Gallery, as well as quick lunchtime medical aesthetic fixes designed to spruce up tired complexions quickly. Their new facials bar is refreshing – a cocktail-inspired facials menu that their customers can build themselves, starting with SW1’s reliable basic cleansing techniques, to exfoliation, to hydration and if customers wish, they can pad their treatments with customizable skin vitamins or clinical-grade LED lights.

On the aesthetics – how the clinic looks like, that is, SW1 does not disappoint. Those who have been to their flagship mega-clinic in Paragon will instantly recognize the OUE branch as their hip, stylish younger brother with a rebellious streak. Their mysterious-looking dark interior made up of black granite, grey travertine, industrial-inspired matte black metals with brass accents and soft-inviting lights resembles a whisky bar, rather than a spa or clinic you would typically expected. Plush dusty pink armchairs and cushions and pale, wintery green potted plants complement the interior colour palette. A hint of the clinic’s origin, as you might have derived from the clinic’s name, lies in a bright red phone which knowing A-listers ring to get into this covert establishment.


At the OUE branch, every detail follows the theme, and this resonates with SW1’s philosophy of ingenuity and thoughtful engagement, such as their cocktails-inspired facials menu.


It is such attention to detail, the freshness of their ideas while staying true to their identity, from the moment their customers ring to be let in, then the meticulous hands of their trained facial therapists and more, right down to their post-facial refreshment cookies and drinks that SW1’s followers find it hard to go anywhere else for their facial fix.


The SW1 Clinic OUE Branch is located at 6A Shenton Way #02-19/20, OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2.

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