Year: 2018

The Cold Plasma Therapy That Is Changing Skins For The Better

The Neogen PSR is a new skin resurfacing treatment that first damages skin cells which then encourages regrowth and regeneration, firming the entire architecture of the skin and allowing new and fresher skin to show through.   WHAT IS NEOGEN PSR? A state-of-the-art, exciting new skin rejuvenation resurfacing treatment that uses plasma energy to deliver uniform heating the the skin’s architecture, results in immediate collagen contraction and skin tightening effects. Anti-aging aficionados may have already heard by now, that instead of using a more traditional energy source such as lasers and light, plasma energy, also known as the fourth state of matter (the other three being solid, liquid and gas), is activated ionized gas which is generated from inert nitrogen gas via an ultra-high frequency generator in the Neogen System. High energy treatments are used to achieve dramatic skin tightening and facial contouring results (think of it as mini-facelifts) while lower energy treatments are targeted at erasing earlier signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin and Continue Reading

FDA-approved Lasers That Turn Skin Around Effectively

Great, glowing skin will not change your life around instantly but feeling beautiful in your skin can give you a confidence boost to put your best foot forward in life. Here are some of the latest and hottest FDA-approved lasers for an uplifting transformation. 1. REDNESS AND ROSACEA If your face is prone to blushing and flushing, and has tiny red pimple-like bumps, it might mean you have rosaccea. Characterised by dilatation of blood vessels and causing redness at the slightest irritation – cold, heat, alcohol, stress and even spicy food. Long suffering flushed faces may find relief from a pulsed dye laser called VBeam. This laser is the gold standard treatment for broken capillaries, redness and flushing, even even certain birthmarks such as port wine stains. 2. PIGMENT AND PORES Laser treatments have been shown to be effective for tough pigments such as melasma, but conventional lasers have higher risk of worsening pigmentation when there is too much heat. Pico Pigment is the latest and hottest picosecond laser that Continue Reading

The New Age Botox – 5 Surprising Uses Of Botox

Botox, as we know, is primarily used to smoothen wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet. But off-label treatments are increasingly prescribed now for minor complaints elsewhere in the body. 1. THE UNDERARMS Botox Underarms is an underrated treatment that does wonders at eliminating sweat in the armpits, and it works for hyperhidrosis, a common disorder of excessive sweating which produces a lot of unhappiness to people who suffer from it. A diluted dose is injected into multiple spots in the skin of the underarms and goes into effect within 2 weeks and lasts on average 6 to 8 months depending on the dosage used. Botox can also ameliorate body odour, an awkward issue not incommon in axillary hyperhidrosis. “This is a treatment I get once or twice a year. Sweating through my shirt distracts me when I have to give talks or presentations at work. When I know I won’t be sweating buckets visibly in my underarms in front of others, I do better” says financial analyst Continue Reading

These 5 Aesthetic Treatments Make The Most Difference To Your Face

Our quest for the best aesthetic treatments that will address all our niggling beauty woes is probably never ending. Problem is there are so many treatments, how do you choose from the best? Here are some of the best cosmetic trends designed to solve certain issues to ensure you get the best results! Read More: Rules for Total Wellness 1. YOUTH SAVANT Large pores, fine lines, loose skin, or scars? If you have any of these problems or find that the aging process has brought you a few steps back and you have all of these issues, try Youth Savant, a treatment that increases your skin’s natural resilience. Furnishing your skin with polynucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, this multi-tasking treatment has been shown to improve skin texture, elasticity, hydration. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects, aiding in skin repair and regeneration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Read More: 5 Ways to Combat Hot Weather Breakouts 2. EYE ILLUMINATOR PROGRAM Dark undereye circles that don’t get better with Continue Reading

The Microwave Treatment That Is Reshaping Bodies Like Never Before

Dreaming of losing a few inches here and there but dreading the idea of having to go under the knife for it? There is a new fat reduction treatment that can help.   ONDA USES MICROWAVES TO TACKLE DEEP FAT ONDA Body magic is the world’s first and the only treatment that uses microwave energy to contour the body and reduce fat. Coined “Coolwaves”, microwave energy delivers heat to deeper fat cells beneath the topmost layers of skin to dramatically reduce deep fat deposits, reduce and improve the appearance of cellulite as well as provide immediate shrinkage and stimulation of collagen for an impressive skin tightening effect. Read More: 5 of the Best ‘Skin-Vestments’ Your Skin Will Thank You for in 5 Years’ Time   HOW DOES ONDA WORK? Unlike other usual non-invasive fat reduction radiofrequency treatments, ONDA uses special microwaves at a frequency that is specifically absorbed by fat cells and bypasses heating of the epidermis and dermis, which results in an 80% rate of penetration into fat.   Continue Reading