5 Signs That Make You Look Older Than Wrinkles Do

Your face changes as you age. We often look for fine lines and wrinkles but there are other signs of aging that deserve attention. In particular, look out for these 5 signs that beauty experts universally agree that should be taken care judiciously before its too late.



Losing the chiseled jawline is usually devastating for both men and women alike. With growing age, the skin produces less collagen and becomes thinner and less elastic over time. As the skin loses its natural fullness and resilience, it becomes vulnerable to gravity and the skin begins to sag. “Jowls” are unflattering pouches of skin below the jawline on both sides of the chin.

Are your jowls bringing you down? Ulthera is the only FDA-approved non-invasive treatment for skin lifting.


Say goodbye to sagging jowls with Ultherapy, a non-invasive skin lifting treatment. Using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved treatment for skin lifting and tightens the skin naturally over the following months for a beautifully natural effect.

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Getting the feeling that your eyes have shrunk a little in size over the years? It’s not an illusion. Skin aging causes the eyelids to droop and this is typically worse in those with “fatty” eyelids.

Tighten the periorbital skin with Miracle Eye Revival Program which uses SmartX Lite Eyes and Neogen Plasma Eyelift to restore the twinkle in droopy eyelids. SmartX Lite produces deep dermal benefits and stimulates a productive wound healing response, while Neogen Plasma uses plasma energy to deliver uniform bulk heating to the skin’s architecture which improves skin elasticity.

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More commonly known as the “smile lines” or “laugh lines”, these are deep lines that form from the bottom sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Some say this is the sign that makes a person look the oldest, so beware! This area is susceptible because of loss of muscle tone in the cheeks gradually over years as well as drooping of overlying cheek fat and all these are compounded by the fact that our facial bones undergo resorption as we age!

The formation of this is partly genetic lottery but this is one area where some extra weight actually helps, ironically. But if you are like me and will never negotiate a fatter body for a fatter face, try filler hydrolift, which strategically places hyaluronic acid fillers in the deeper dermal layer of the skin to lift droopy cheeks. “It’s about the restoring the youthful shape of the face”, says Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director Of the SW1 Clinic. “Restoring fat compartments in the cheeks and sometimes directly filling in the nasolabial folds will restore the face with a natural-looking mini cheeklift”.

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Another downside to aging, you might think the 30s is a little too young for thinning and deflated lips, but sadly that’s what happens. The lips slowly loses its volume for the same reasons the skin sags. The classic “smoker’s lines” can appear even if you do not smoke!

Try a subtle lip plumping treatment for starters, such as Revitalift Lips, which plumps aging lips up with soft, hyaluronic acid fillers, enhancing the natural shape of your lips without overtly changing it.



Don’t neglect your neck, the experts say! Pay more attention to your neck, because chances are, while you have been taking care of your face, the skin of your neck will reveal your true age. Neck lines can be genetic but that doesn’t mean you need to resign to it.

Try Youth Savant Neck for deep, stubborn neck lines. This treatment puts polynucleotides, building blocks of DNA into the skin, giving a whole slew of benefits including anti-inflammatory effects, stepping up collagen and elastin production, as well as firming and thickening of crepey skin of the neck.

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